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International FAQs

You can choose to remain at your current accommodation provider or you may have found somewhere else better suited to you and your needs.


During the orientation programme, we run a detailed accommodation workshop which outlines all your options including renting, boarding, joining an established flat, homestays, and the SIT Apartments.


The workshop gives you the opportunity to ask us all your questions in a casual environment.  All that we require is two weeks notice that you intend to move from our accommodation.

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When you arrive, you will be met at the airport by a SIT representative and taken to your accommodation.  Your first two weeks accommodation, whether at the SIT Apartments or at a homestay, are covered by your resource fee. 

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How fast you will find work depends on your background, skills and ability to adapt to the New Zealand job market.  Some students and their spouses walk straight into jobs; others take longer to find employment. 


Before you start looking for work, it is imperative that you attend the employment workshops SIT runs for international students.  These workshops will provide you with essential information to help your employment search in New Zealand. 


Some students have ignored our advice and have then struggled to find work.  It is important that you attend our employment workshop to learn what not to do when looking for work in New Zealand.

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SIT provides comprehensive job search assistance, whether you are a student or a graduate.  In addition to regular employment workshops, our dedicated international employment officer offers one-on-one assistance to help find employment opportunities. This includes help to rewrite your curriculum vitae to suit the New Zealand employment context and tips on searching for work and job interviews.  You will also regularly receive information on job opportunities direct to your inbox. 


SIT job search assistance is available for current students, their spouses, and SIT graduates.

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As long as you are enrolled on a SIT programme, you will be automatically covered by our insurance.  If your programme has finished, however, you will need to purchase insurance.  We can provide you with a list of suitable insurance companies to make these arrangements. 

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On a student visa, you can work up to 20 hours per week during semester time.  At the end of year summer holidays (December – February), you can work full-time on your student visa. 

Refer to Immigration New Zealand for the specific requirements about working while studying. 

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Yes, the New Zealand Government requires all international students to have medical and travel insurance while they are in New Zealand.  The good news is that SIT automatically provides your insurance from the resource fee.  That means you don't have to worry about extra fees and paperwork. 

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Once you send us your flight details, we automatically book your insurance for you.  Your resource fee covers the cost of medical and travel insurance, so you don't have to pay any extra fees. 

If you have a spouse or children, you will need to make your own insurance arrangements to ensure they are covered.  We can give you a list of suitable insurance companies to make these arrangements.

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Immigration New Zealand requires you to show $15,000 to cover living expenses for one year (or $1250 per month). 

Many of our students tell us that they spend much less than that, given Invercargill’s low cost of living. 

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We were once students ourselves – some of us still are – so we know that students like free things!  That’s why we provide lots of free student activities throughout the year, like adventure courses, tenpin bowling, barbecues and lunches, sports and culture activities, and bus trips around the region. 

You can also access all our student support services, such as the on-campus nurse, counsellor, learning advisors, employment and activities advisors for free.

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