International Student Scholarships

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Zerofees English (ZFE) Scholarships

Zerofees English Scholarships help students improve their academic English language skills, assisting them to gain the English language entry requirements to move to a mainstream programme of their choice.

This scholarship is available in Far East Asia, South America and certain European countries. Please check with your agent or click here for further details.


John Wright (JW) Scholarships

Every year SIT awards up to 25 full and partial John Wright Scholarships to high achieving students who have a proven track record of outstanding achievements in either sports or academics.

This scholarship is available to students from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. Please click here for scholarship eligibility criteria, terms and conditions.


Zerofees Foundation (ZFF) Scholarships

SIT offers a range of Zerofees Foundation Scholarships to students that need further academic entry skills to apply for certain diploma and degree programmes within SIT. Please check with your agent or click here for further details.

Note: Students may apply for only one of the above mentioned scholarships.


Education New Zealand Study Abroad Travel Awards

 Education New Zealand is pleased to offer US$2,000 Education New Zealand Study Abroad Travel Awards to help you fund your flight to New Zealand

New Zealand Study Abroad Excellence Awards

New Zealand universities and institutes of technology and polytechnics are pleased to offer US$500 New Zealand Study Abroad Excellence Awards for study at participating institutions.


  • US citizen or hold US Resident status
  • Enrolled in Sophomore year or above at a tertiary intuition in the USA
  • 18 years+ at the time of application
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 in tertiary studies to date (4.0 scale)


  • April 30 for study in Fall 2017

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