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All work of others referred to in assignments must be referenced correctly using APA Referencing (within body text and in the reference list).



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Blackboard is where you can find information about your course.


In MYSIT, click on the blackboard tab to take you to your course information.

Once you have clicked on the Blackboard link you will be taken to your Activity Stream. Here you will find all the recent updates and upcoming events in your Blackboard courses.

On the left hand navigation panel, you will see a link labelled “Courses” (highlighted in the graphic). Click on this to view your current courses. Within each of these courses you will find your course content, assignments and learning resources.


In the “Organisations” area, you will find links for Blackboard help and Library information. The Blackboard help area is a great place to look for Blackboard specific information and tutorials, such as, how to submit assignments and how to view feedback. Visit the Library area to learn more about the library services available to you, tips and tricks for your assignments, APA referencing and more.


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If you have already completed some unit standards or papers in the programme that you are applying for, please complete the Cross-Credit form. Send it to us with a copy of your NZQA Record of Achievement. If possible, please send this form in with your application form.

More information about Recognition of Prior Learning can be found on our website. You can also email for the form.

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If you are working in a lab/workshop, you must abide by the Health and Safety regulations (eg. wear the required protective clothing). You must be familiar with the fire/ evacuation procedures.

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Applications for the following year will start becoming available on the SIT website from mid-October onwards. 

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Payment is due before the start date of each intake enrolled in - for just the paper/s or unit/s that you have enrolled in for that intake. You will be put to full enrolment status only after SIT has received full payment for the intake. Current payment options are: student loan, credit card, cheque, direct credit, purchase order.

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Verified ID is an active NSN in the name you are applying for, or a copy of either your birth certificate or passport which has been stamped and signed by any of the following: Justice of the Peace/ Court Registrar or Deputy Registrar or Lawyer.

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The MySIT portal is the central location for SIT students to access all the resources required when studying at Southern Institute of Technology.

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Open your internet browser and go to


New Students

When logging into an on-campus PC for the first time, click on the key icon. For all other first-time logins, please visit to setup your password.

Please note: When you first log in you will be prompted to change your password and set your password reset details. Please do so right away to avoid any disruptions to your system access. You cannot connect to the SIT- WIFI without changing your password from the default one.


Returning Students

Please note, your password will not have changed since the last time you were studying. If you cannot remember what it was, please use the password self-service link to reset it

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If you have a non-academic concern:

  1. Raise the matter with the individual involved. If the issue remains unresolved, or you are uncomfortable talking to the individual involved you may take the concern to the student counsellor, Head of Faculty, Human Rights Officer or any other staff member, who will advise you on the best means to pursue the complaint. They will refer you to the appropriate person to consider and rule on your complaint.
  2. If after you have received a written ruling on your complaint you remain dissatisfied with the outcome, you will be advised by the person who ruled on your complaint on your rights to appeal to the Chief Executive.

Remember that you are entitled to have a support person present at any meeting, and SIT has an appeals process available to you if your complaint is not satisfactorily resolved.

Copies of the full complaints and appeals policies are in your Faculty Programme Handbook and available from faculty offices.

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