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SIT Research Report 2019

In 2019 staff at SIT undertook research in a variety of areas, illustrating a diversity of activities and outputs. The staff profiled here showcases research in teaching and learning, the creative fields, community and industry engagement, and the development of the specialised knowledge.

2019 Research Report


  • Fulbright Scholarship in Rhode Island - Anna Palliser
    School of Environmental Management
  • Getting to Know Constance Grande – Annabel Schuler
    Faculty of SIT2LRN
  • Objective-Collapse Theory View of The Wave-Particle Paradox
    – Barnaby Pace
    Faculty of SIT2LRN
  • Understanding Motivation, Self-Efficacy and Anxiety in Engineering Students – Carlo Gabriel
    School of Engineering
  • Supervising Students and Celebrating Success – Christine Liang
    School of Environmental Management

  • Improving Achievement for Māori Learners – Debbie Ruwhiu
    Academic Support Unit
  • Practice-Led Research in Heavy Metal and Dub Reggae Electronica – Doug Heath
    School of Audio Production
  • Waves of Well-Being – Duncan McKenzie
    School of Sport and Exercise
  • Autosonic Self-Quotation – Jeff Wragg
    School of Contemporary Music
  • Ten Years of SITJAR – Jerry Hoffman
    School of Business
  • Mentoring and Collaboration in the School of Nursing – Johanna Rhodes and Mary McMillan
    School of Nursing
  • Hansel and Gretel - Mark Baynes
  • Solar Potential of Public Bus Routes in Invercargill - Naveed ur Rehman
    School of Engineering
  • Who Ate Our Ball? - Patrick Gillies
    School of Screen Arts
  • Use of Discussion Boards in Online Learning - Robyn Hill and Robert Horrocks
    Faculty of SIT2LRN
  • Outreach Singing and Wellbeing - Sally Bodkin-Allen
    School of Contemporary Music
  • Dairy Farmers in the Waituna Catchment and Adoption of Riparian Planting - Tapuwa Marapara
    School of Environmental Management
  • Staff Research Outputs 2019 

ITP Sector Collaboration Practices Project

ITP Sector Collaboration Practices ProjectAs core contributors to the New Zealand tertiary sector, Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics (ITPs) are committed to enhancing the experiences and achievements of our students through engaging with community, regional, national and international partners. The ITP Sector Collaboration Practices Project reports on a number of effective collaborations between ITPs and other stakeholders and evaluates the factors that make for successful collaborations. The government expects tertiary education providers to work with each other and with other key stakeholders for a variety of purposes: from improving operating efficiency to increasing learning opportunities for students. Collaborative ways of working together are seen as particularly beneficial for the ITP sector.

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