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We feature Cam McLennan a Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management student who has developed the skills he neded to start a new career with confidence.

You can read about Amanda Bell, a NZ Certificate in Animal Care graduate, who didn't let her challenging disability – she was born with a rare eye condition that makes it hard for her see and read small lettering – get in her way.

Learn about Silver Ferns netballer Bailey Mes, a Diploma in Digital Photography graduate, a professional sportswoman who was able to juggle study around her demanding professional athlete schedule.

SIT2LRN facilitator – Peggy McKenzie is more familiar than many with the content of the New Zealand  Certificates in Adult and Tertiary Teaching.

We also feature Hoake, the name of the culturally responsive programme implemented at SIT to engage and support Māori learners and other interesting articles and profiles. 

Enjoy the latest issue of SITUATION!

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