Services for Your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Needs

To get the most out of your studies and time spent as a student, you need to be healthy, both physically and emotionally. Our Health & Wellbeing services provide free, friendly and confidential services to all students.

Health Centre

SIT Health Nurses (Free)

A registered nurse is available daily to help provide support for your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Examples include: support with underlying health conditions, mental health, healthy eating, exercise, Green Prescription, assessment and advise on management and treatment of common coughs, colds and flu, rashes, injuries, blood pressure checks, wart treatments, pregnancy testing and support, emergency contraceptive pill, STI info, smoking cessation support and Quit Card provider, sleeping problems, drug and alcohol issues, flu vaccinations, some immunisations and so much more... just ask.

When required the nurse will arrange referral to a doctor or other health professional. Partial refunds are available on some medical expenses.
Nurses are located in the Health Centre, Student Services Centre, Tay Street.

Health Nurses
Monday to Friday
SIT Health Centre, Student Services

Phone: (03) 211 2699 ext. 8874

SIT Counselling Service (Free)

Counselling can help you with: stress, goal setting (motivation), decision making (procrastination), sexual abuse, referrals, relationships, pregnancy issues, anger, anxiety, depression or grief, conflict resolution, alcohol, drugs and gambling issues.

Appointments can be made in the appointment book found outside the counsellor's office (in the Health Centre), or by phoning or email

Other Services

Sportsmed Southern Physio
Service available onsite at SIT, Tay St (Room H1.06)
Thursdays, 12 noon - 2pm
To make an appointment phone 217 3420 or Email:
No surcharge for ACC funded patients


Disability Liaison

If you have an impairment (permanent or otherwise) that creates a barrier in accessing our facilities or in any way hinders your learning, please make an appointment with our disability liaison person for confidential assistance. Support for examinations, equipment, advocacy or advice is freely available. Verification of your situation will be required.

It is our policy to provide quality learning opportunities which are appropriate, equitable and accessible. Be prepared for examinations, tests and assignments by visiting us well before they begin.

Contact Details

Disability Support Liaison Officer - Liv Hall
Freephone: 0800 40 3337 ext 8752
Phone: (03) 211 2699 ext 8752
Text: 027 6055 965
Based at SIT's Invercargill Campus, 133 Tay St, Invercargill.

The Chaplaincy for Pastoral and Spiritual Care

Lisa-Stuart - SIT ChaplainTertiary Chaplaincy in Southland is an independent service provided by the Southland Tertiary Chaplaincy Charitable Trust Board (STCCTB)  based at SIT's Tay St Campus. Chaplaincy is offered to the staff and students. It is accessible, impartial and confidential. Pastoral and spiritual care is offered without prejudice to culture or belief.  Chaplain Lisa has a Masters in Pastoral Ministry and has worked in church, military and ecumenical employment, among multi-faith and multi-cultural communities, in rural and urban settings following a career in education in Canada and the USA. The chaplain is an executive member of ANZTCA (Tertiary Chaplains Association)

Pastoral and Spiritual Care:

“Act Justly Love Mercy and Walk humbly with your God” Micah 6:8

Pastoral and spiritual care involves listening to an individual regarding their concerns. The chaplain seeks to support a person in their values their beliefs  that which gives meaning to their life. The chaplain’s main role is to listen and assist the individual to be true to themselves and their values while dealing with the challenges or questions of life. Entering into Tertiary Education, living away from home or moving to NZ, can be challenging.

Goals and successful completion of study are more easily achieved when a person is at peace in mind, body and soul sharing life’s happenings  whether they be challenges or celebrations may mean a listening ear, a time of reflection or a prayer request. The Chaplain has the time and the interest.


The Chaplain's office is at SIT's Main Campus in the glass office in the Information Technology building I-101. All are welcome. Drop in or make an appointment. Chaplain Lisa also visits and meets with students in any other area of the campus - in the cafe, outside, etc. Stop to have a chat anytime. Chaplaincy offers a service as requested or required.

Contact details (03) 211 2699 ext 8721 or email

Other services:

  • Periodic visits to Gore and Queenstown campuses
  • Referrals and connections with churches and services on campus or in the community
  • The churches offer hospitality, a variety of worship styles and several outreach activities that may enrich or broaden one’s tertiary experience.
  • Times to pray with students; funeral and memorial services etc.
  • An open multi-faith Prayer room is located at Manna Bookstore: 90 Spey Street, Invercargill (0212096285)
  • The Chaplain also serves other Tertiary Institutions

Contact Details

The Health Nurse, Counselling Service and Disability Liaison are located in the SIT Student Centre, B Block, and the Chaplain in I Block, both at SIT main campus, 133 Tay Street, Invercargill.

Health Nurses
Monday to Friday
Health Centre, Student Services

Phone: (03) 211 2699 ext. 8874

Nurses: Liza Adams, Carol Rogers and Jane Brown

Liza Adams SIT NurseCarol Rogers - SIT NurseJane Brown - SIT Nurse






Lois McMurdo - CounsellingCounselling Service 
Lois McMurdo (Mon - Fri)
Appointments can be made in the appointment book outside the counsellor's office in the Health Centre, or by phoning or emailing:
Phone: (03) 211 2699 ext. 8781


Disability Support LiaisonLiv Hall - SIT Disability Liaison
Monday - Friday
Liv Hall
Please make an appointment by phoning, texting or emailing
Phone: (03) 211 2699 ext 8752
Text: 027 6055 965

Lisa Stuart - SIT Chaplain

Office I-101 (I Block)
Drop in or make an appointment
Contact details (03) 211 2699 ext 8721 or email