No tuition fees - study with little or no debt!

The SIT Zero Fees Scheme enables tuition free education to domestic students based in Southland, Queenstown or Telford areas, for study at all levels.

Ākonga students are able to study without the stress of a large student loan and have a better financial start after they've graduated.

The SIT Zero Fees Scheme is applicable at our Invercargill, Queenstown, Telford and Gore Campuses and for anyone studying through SIT2LRN and based in Southland, Queenstown or Telford areas.


Returning 2023 Ākonga Students:

Ākonga students studying under the SIT Zero Fees Scheme in 2023 will be able to complete their qualification under the SIT Zero Fees Scheme no matter where they are located in New Zealand.


New Ākonga Students 2024 Onwards:
Ākonga students enrolling for the first time in 2024 and not based in Southland, Queenstown or Telford areas will not be eligible for the SIT Zero Fees Scheme.

*Zero Fees Scheme is subject to government regulations.

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About the SIT ZERO FEES Scheme

SIT's Zero Fees Scheme allows:

  • New Zealand citizens living in Southland, Queenstown or Telford areas
  • New Zealand residents/permanent residents living in Southland, Queenstown or Telford areas during their study
  • Australian citizens residing in Southland, Queenstown or Telford areas during their study the opportunity to study approved programmes without paying tuition fees.

The Zero Fees Scheme applies only to the base tuition fee attached to each eligible programme of study. Direct Material Costs apply. Direct material costs are course specific costs, for example:  uniform, texts, tools, activities and NZQA charges. Direct material fees (and programme fees in the case of a student's Zero Fees status being withdrawn) are payable before commencement of a course, and may be paid by the student or via StudyLink (eg. Student Loan). The SIT Zero Fees Scheme (ZFS) is subject to NZ government policies.


Most programmes SIT offer are eligible for the Zero Fees Scheme. Programmes must be:

  • Tertiary Education Commission funded
  • 12 or more weeks in duration
  • Studied either full time or part time
  • Leading to a national or local qualification.

In order to retain Zero Fees Scheme eligibility, students must:

  • Demonstrate satisfactory academic progress as defined in the course requirements
  • Maintain satisfactory attendance - at least 80%
  • Adhere to the programme's specific rules and requirements
  • Adhere to SIT’s Student Code of Conduct

Although not foreseen, SIT is unable to guarantee ongoing Zero Fees provision should for any
reason present funding arrangements and/or Government policies be reviewed.

Zero Fees Guide for Students 2024

Zero Fees Guide for SIT2LRN Students