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SIT Film StudentsBring your creative ideas to life with filmmaking, game design, and animation!

Quality learning environment

SIT's film, animation and game design students get access to industry standard hardware and software. We offer a productive, creative learning environment in which you will receive expert advice and guidance. Invercargill’s location is ideal as SIT students get the opportunity to intern with production companies working both locally on feature films, and in studios throughout the country. A very high percentage of our graduates are now employed in the industry, both in New Zealand and overseas.

Degree level study

SIT Animation StudentThe Bachelor of Screen Arts is a three year full-time programme in the exciting arena where creative arts meet digital technology. The programme allows students to specialise in either digital film, animation or game design. A wide range of subjects are covered, including digital film production, editing, screenwriting, 2D and 3D animation, stop motion, motion graphics, and research and development. 

Skills to adapt and evolve

The programme aims to develop your digital creative skills ensuring the ability to adapt in a rapidly changing industry.  Abilities in storytelling, character development, research and critical thinking are an essential component of the research and development skills necessary to thrive in the contemporary creative industries. We help you bring your creative ideas to life in real-world environments and in doing so facilitate a seamless transition into the thriving creative industries sector. 

"I was doing a film course and was lucky that 3 feature films came to Southland during my time here. The internships helped me to break into an industry that is difficult to get into but one I absolutely love"

Bachelor of Digital Media - feedback via Graduate Destination Survey 2014 

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