Study for Free At SIT

Not having the funds to study is one of the main reasons people decide not to do it.

The Southern Institute of Technology offers the best education deal in New Zealand – SIT’s Zero tuition fees scheme. We also have various other options that people can access financial support, such as the Government’s Fees Free scheme, the Targeted Training and Apprenticeships Fund (TTAF), Youth Guarantees Scheme, Accommodation Bursaries and more.

We know that students need the best education possible to set up their future, but being a student shouldn’t mean worrying about barely scraping by each week or drowning in study debt.

Check out our various options below to see if you qualify for free study.


All Domestic Students. Any year of study

SIT's Zero Fees Scheme

We are the only tertiary provider in New Zealand to offer a tuition free education to NZ domestic students for every year of study at all levels.

Zero Fees Scheme

Trades and essential industry certificates and diplomas. (Domestic Students)


The Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF) will support learners to undertake sub-degree vocational education and training in high-demand industries without fees. The fund is available to all ages, no matter if you have studied before or not.



First Year of Study

Govt. Fees Free

If it is your first time studying, you could be eligible for the Government's Fees-Free initative.

Fees Free

Not finished High School, 16-19 year olds

Youth Guarantee Scheme
The Youth Guarantee Scheme provides a pathway from school to further study, work or training. It provides successful candidates a wider range of learning opportunities and free training and education (tuition, course materials and equipment) for one year.

Youth Guarantee

Financial assistance for a range of programmes, situations and specialisations

There are numerous scholarship options that prospective and current SIT students may apply for.

Accommodation assistance for those that qualify for Govt. Fees Free or TTAF

Invercargill Accommodation Bursary
SIT's Accommodation Bursary is available to eligible govt. fees free and TTAF students studying at SIT's Invercargill Campus
Accommodation Bursary