SIT Policies & Procedures

Student Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct

Students enrolled at Southern Institute of Technology shall at all times behave with consideration towards fellow students and members of staff and other SIT stakeholders. In particular, students are required:

1. To complete enrolment procedures and make arrangements for the payment of any applicable fees, before attending classes.
2. To comply with the stated provisions of the Zero Fees Scheme in order to retain their eligibility (where applicable).
3. To attend all scheduled classes in which they are enrolled. Any student who is unable to attend a class should telephone the teaching staff member concerned, the Faculty Secretary, or other designated person. Any student missing a scheduled class without prior notice and/or a genuine reason, will be recorded as absent from that class.
4. Not to engage in any behaviour which disrupts the study or campus environment or affects the physical or emotional wellbeing of other students, staff or members of the community.
5. To observe all regulations governing the use and misuse of computing equipment, including software piracy, after-hours laboratory use, and e-mailing, accessing or downloading any prohibited or offensive material.
6. To abide by the health and safety procedures established by SIT, including the wearing of designated protective clothing (including footwear and safety glasses) for specified areas or activities.
7. To refrain from using cellular phones for any purpose during any timetabled class or assessment.
8. To comply with all expectations of conduct during assessments and examinations, and not to engage in any malpractice, which may misrepresent results or otherwise give one student an unfair advantage over others.
9. To respect the intellectual property of others and throughout the course of study avoid plagiarism through use of appropriate referencing and acknowledgements.
10. To conduct themselves appropriately during any field or study trip or participating in any off-site activity arranged by SIT. Alcohol is not to be consumed on any field trip or in any SIT vehicle.
11. To act responsibly and follow supervisors directions, whilst undertaking off-site practical or workplace activities, or participating in any off-site activity organised by SIT.
12. To return all SIT property in their possession – including library books – upon completing a course of study.
13. To respect the environment by refraining from littering, and by not damaging or defacing any SIT property.
14. To comply with the non-smoking regulations governing all SIT buildings and vehicles.
15. To obey all directives while driving on SIT property, including speed limits and parking restrictions.
16. To refrain from bringing alcohol on to SIT property, and not to attend any class under the influence of alcohol.
17. To observe current legislation which prohibits the use or possession of drugs. Any student suspected of carrying or using illegal drugs on SIT property, will be reported to the police.

General Rules and Regulations

General Rules and Regulations

Health and Safety

If you are working in a lab/workshop, you must abide by the Health and Safety regulations (eg. wear the required protective clothing). You must be familiar with the fire/evacuation procedures. For full details refer to your Faculty Programme Handbook.


SIT is a smokefree campus, and smoking is prohibited anywhere on campus.


No alcohol may be consumed or carried on campus during class activities unless you have prior permission from the Chief Executive Officer. Do not turn up to class intoxicated. You are able to consume alcohol in the Bungalow Restaurant and the Café within their licensing agreements.


The use or carrying of prohibited drugs on campus is illegal. If you carry or use drugs, or are suspected of doing so, you will be reported to the police immediately.

Lost Property

If you find any property that is not your own, it should be handed into Tay St Reception.

Library Regulations

Your Student ID card must be presented to borrow any items. If items are lost or damaged you will be charged for the replacement cost and fines incurred. Food may not be consumed in the library. Drinks are allowed in sports bottles, mobile phones must be switched off in the library.


• Invercargill Tay St campus: there is limited student parking available off Forth St, east of the Bungalow Restaurant for $2 a day (see diagram page 27). Parks are available for students with a disability (see Disability Liaison on pg. 3). Offence notices and wheel clamps are used on campus for illegal parking. A fee will be charged to removed clamps.
• Invercargill Downtown campus: No parking available.
• Gore: Free parking on campus.
• Christchurch: Free parking on campus
• Queenstown: Free parking area just past Hannahs on your right (obtain passes for carpark from Queenstown campus Reception).


Bike stands are provided for those who choose to bike to campus. You are not permitted to bring or leave bikes inside buildings. It is your responsibility to lock your bike up safely and SIT can not be held responsible for any loss.

Computer Regulations

Please refer to page 9, “SIT Computers and Printing”, for computer rules and regulations.

Sexual Harassment

It is SIT policy that sexual harassment is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment is any verbal or physical act of a sexual nature that is unsolicited, unwanted, unreciprocated, serious and/or persistent.

Such behaviour includes:
• Unwelcome and deliberate physical conduct/contact
• Verbal comments or abuse
• Contact or activities including text messages, of a sexual nature, either overt or subtle, which may be accompanied by threats
• The abuse of power to gain sexual advantage
• Open display of sexist material If you consider that you are being sexually harassed, you should let the harasser know immediately. If this is not possible and/or the unwelcome behaviour persists, then you should contact one of the contact people listed below.

SIT Invercargill Campus - Student Services
Toni Jones ext 8874

SIT Christchurch Campus - 0800 867 883
Peter Healey ext 3015

SIT Gore Campus
Margie Halford 03 208 9833

SIT Queenstown Campus
Pam Hulls 03 442 5375
You have the right to learn in an environment that is safe and free from coercion and discrimination.

If you break any of the outlined rules:
1. Your tutor will generally talk about your unacceptable behaviour and this action will be recorded.
2. If misconduct occurs again, you will be given a final written warning. Your actions will be recorded and your Programme Manager/Head of Faculty notified.
3. If the misconduct occurs again, you are liable to be withdrawn from your programme of study.
4. If misconduct is deemed serious enough on the first occasion, you will be stood down from class, directed to leave the campus or (in serious cases) directed to withdraw from your programme of study immediately.

Zero Fees Scheme Terms and Conditions

Zero Fees Scheme Terms and Conditions

The Zero Fees Scheme applies to New Zealand citizens/permanent residents/Australian permanent residents residing in NZ. This amazing offer permits those mentioned to study approved programmes without paying the tuition fees.

Zero Fees, where available, applies only to the base tuition fee attached to each programme of study. Particular programmes may incur additional costs to the students, for example, uniform, texts, tools, activities, NZQA charges.

Zero Fees is available as a result of present Government policies. Although not foreseen, SIT is unable to guarantee ongoing Zero Fees. Zero Fees is, however, reviewed annually and set for three year periods.

In order to retain the Zero Fees, students must meet the following criteria:
• Satisfactory academic progress
• Satisfactory attendance, maintaining at least 80% (or programme specific) attendance.
• Adherence to the programme’s specific rules and requirements
• Adherence to the provisions of Southern Institute of Technology Student Code of Conduct
• SIT2LRN programmes require evidence of ongoing engagement

If any of these requirements are not met the Zero Fees eligibility may be withdrawn (after due notice).

If a student wishes and is eligible to continue with study after the Zero Fees status has been withdrawn, they will be liable for the remaining programme fees.

Students are responsible for informing StudyLink that they have withdrawn from their studies.

Withdrawal from a programme may affect students’ future entitlement to the Zero Fees Scheme.

If you are considering withdrawal or transfer, you must discuss the matter with the Programme Manager in the first instance.

If you withdraw from a full-time programme, you will not be eligible for the Zero Fees Scheme should you wish to enrol at a later date (until you have demonstrated satisfactory performance).

If you withdraw from part of a programme then that part will not be Zero Fees. The 80% attendance/performance rule will apply only to the remaining component(s) of the programme in which you are enrolled.
All matters relating to student rights and responsibilities will be handled in accordance with Southern Institute of Technology’s Policies and Procedures.

International Students - please contact the International Office for the refund and withdrawal policy for International Students.
For full details refer to your Faculty Programme Handbook.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Privacy and Confidentiality

Personal information about your progress may be shared, monitored, reported on and (if necessary) supplied to departments within SIT, as well as to certain external agencies. These agencies may
• Ministry of Education
• Studylink (for loans, allowances etc)
• Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ)
• Industry Training Organizations (ITO)
• New Zealand Immigration Service (NZIS)
Depending on your course, there may be other agencies too (of which you will be advised by your tutor).

Information may also be forwarded to your employer if you are in an apprenticeship.

SIT students have a right to enquire about:
• The information that is being collected
• Why it is being collected
• Who will receive and hold the information
• If applicable, the law under which the information is being collected, and whether providing the information is voluntary or mandatory under that law
• The consequences (if any) for you if all or part of the requested information is not provided
• Your right to have access to, and request correction of any personal information

You may request correction of any information held about you.

Course Withdrawal

Course Withdrawal

Any student who is planning to withdraw should consult with their programme manager or head of faculty in the first instance (except for community courses). All notices of withdrawal should be on the appropriate form (see the admin team - Tay St).

Refund of Fees
Conditions for withdrawal from a programme or course:
1. Must be on the appropriate form
(i) Full time student: Withdrawal must be endorsed by the head of faculty
(ii) Refund of fees: as per the table below

2. Verbal notice to any staff member will not be accepted as an official notice of withdrawal from
a programme or course

3. If course fees have been paid from a student loan, any refund must be sent to StudyLink

4. Refunds may take up to four weeks to process

5. The following outlines refund entitlements:

Withdrawal policy

If you want to withdraw from your programme or course, you must formally withdraw by filling out a withdrawal form (available from your Enrolment information booklet or Administration)

Withdrawal is confirmed from the date this form is received by Southern Institute of Technology



Refund due

Administration fee

Academic record


10% or one month (whichever is the smaller) of the course date



No academic Record


After the Designated Withdrawal period



Withdrawn (WD)

Full time

After 75% of course



Failure to complete Qualification


10% or one month (whichever is the smaller) of the course date



No academic Record


After the Designated Withdrawal period



Withdrawn (WD)

SIT2LRN Distance Students

After 75% of course



Failure to complete Qualification

*NB: students who have completed formal withdrawal processes prior to leaving SIT shall be entitled to receive a transcript from SIT detailing the papers, modules or units that have been successfully completed. Such transcripts shall be forwarded to students who have withdrawn at the same time as they are issued to students completing the programme, and will be forwarded to the address registered in SIT’s student management system. Unit standards successfully completed by students prior to withdrawal shall be registered with NZQA, provided that the registration fee has been paid.

The "Withdrawal Date" for each course is the earlier of:

  • 1 month after the course starts; or 
  • the date at which 10% of the course has been completed.

SIT will not refund the costs of Student ID Cards, NZQA registration fee, credit registration fees and SIT2LRN administration fees.

Where SIT has provided materials to the student SIT will not refund the cost of those materials consumed by the Student. SIT will refund any unconsumed Materials Fee provided the student withdraws by the Withdrawal Date. SIT will not refund any of the Materials Fee if the student withdraws after the Withdrawal Date.

Withdrawal from community courses:
FULL REFUND if withdrawal is three working days before start of class.
Cancelled courses:
FULL REFUND if SIT cancels the course.

Note:SIT reserves the right to cancel courses due to insufficient numbers.

• International Students - please contact the International Office for the refund and withdrawal policy for International Students

• StudyLink Loans and Allowances - Withdrawal from a course may affect student loans/allowances. Students are responsible for informing StudyLink that they have withdrawn from their studies.

• If you haven’t paid fees, but you wish to withdraw - You will have to pay the fees charged for the programme.

If you have any questions about the withdrawal and refund process, please talk to our helpful staff in the Administration Centre.

Complaints and Appeals Procedure

Complaints and Appeals Procedure

If you have a programme-related concern:
1. Address the complaint(s) with the programme tutor.

2. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the meeting, or if you are uncomfortable talking to the tutor, take your complaint to the programme manager.

3 If resolution is not achieved there, the issue should then be referred in writing to the head of faculty.

4 The head of faculty will rule on the complaint. If you are unhappy with the outcome, you may appeal to the Chief Executive Officer, the head of faculty will advise you how to go about this.

If you have a non-academic concern:
1 Raise the matter with the individual involved. If the issue remains unresolved, or you are uncomfortable talking to the individual involved you may take the concern to the student counsellor, head of faculty, head of section, Human Rights Officer or any other staff member, who will advise you on the best means to pursue the complaint. They will refer you to the appropriate person to consider and rule on your complaint.

2 If after you have received a written ruling on your complaint, you remain dissatisfied with the outcome you will be advised by the person who ruled on your complaint on your rights to appeal to the Chief Executive Officer.

Remember that you are entitled to have a support person present at any meeting, and SIT has an appeals process available to you if your complaint is not satisfactorily resolved.
Copies of the full complaints and appeals policies are in your Faculty Programme Handbook and available from faculty offices.


If your complaint is not resolved - contact NZQA

If your education provider has not resolved your complaint, and you wish to have it resolved, then you can contact NZQA. NZQA is a government organisation. They can provide an independent assessment of your complaint.

  1. Download the complaint form here
  2. Send your completed Complaint Form, along with any supporting evidence, to:
    The Complaints Officer
    Quality Assurance Division
    P O Box 160
    email a scan of your completed form, along with scans of any supporting evidence, to

If you need more information on the complaints process, contact NZQA on 0800 697 296

Student Charter

Student Charter

Students may expect:
1. Accurate advice about programmes of study prior to commencement.
2. Clear information at orientation to a programme of study on the subject content, objectives, assessment procedures, assignment requirements, timetable, textbooks and learning mode(s).
3. Competent teaching in a safe and supportive learning environment.
4. Respect for personal dignity which includes sensitivity towards meeting cultural needs, and freedom from any form of harassment or coercion from others.
5. To be consulted as required on matters relating to programme operations that may affect students.
6. Reasonable access to appropriate members of staff to discuss course related matters and concerns.
7. Sufficient access to information advice and other support services that may facilitate a student in the successful completion of their programme of study.
8. Assessments which are valid, reliable and timely.
9. Regular feedback on achievement, including the return of marked assessments within a reasonable timeframe.
10. Appropriate supervision and appraisal of staff. (Such records are not available to students.)
11. Complaints and appeals procedures that are accessible to all students.
12. Privacy of personal information held by SIT, and access to personal information held by SIT in accordance with regulations for such access.
13. Institutional quality assurance processes, including SIT’s Self Assessment process and External Evaluation and Review

Policies & Procedures - International Students



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The Institute reserves the right to offer, withdraw or substitute any programme or part of a programme, make alterations to the structure, content, assessment or moderation processes, and implement any other such changes to a programme or element of a programme as it may deem desirable or necessary, without prior notice. These changes may result from internal recommendations or requirements, and also from external factors or compliance issues beyond SIT’s control. SIT policies and procedures may also be amended without notice, to meet operational or compliance requirements.

Southern Institute of Technology is an accredited provider of New Zealand Qualifications Authority
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