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Zero Fees Scheme - Cost Comparison

Our Zero Fees Scheme means we pay your tuition fees, so all you have to pay for are the direct material costs for your course.  Many of our graduates are able to start their careers debt-free! This is not an exaggeration – see how much you could save in the chart below!

Degree courses at SIT
(three years full time)

With SIT's Zero Fee Scheme: Full price elsewhere:
Bachelor of Visual Arts $5,511 $19,844
Bachelor of Applied Management (via SIT2LRN) $2,850 $19,193
Bachelor of Audio Production $10,789 $31,423
Bachelor of Commerce $1,491 $19,270
Bachelor of Contemporary Music* $4,761 $20,635
Bachelor of Environmental Management $5,703 $20,520
Bachelor of Fashion (Design and Technology) $8,700 $20,577
Bachelor of Hotel Management $2,739 $19,270
Bachelor of Information Technology $5,905 $21,960
Bachelor of Nursing $3,580 $20,923
Bachelor of Professional Communication
(via SIT2LRN)
$2,850 $18,257
Bachelor of Screen Arts $5,418 $20,250
Bachelor of Sport and Exercise $3,378 $20,130
Bachelor of Therapeutic and Sports Massage $3,123 $18,368

Note: Prices above are estimated over 3 years of study, based on 2017 costs. 
* There are extra costs involved with this programme, please contact us for details.