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SIT’s Zero Fees Scheme continues for 2023

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SIT’s Zero Fees Scheme continues for 2023

High-Tech Teaching at SIT

SIT is fast developing a reputation for incorporating cutting edge technology into programmes and leading the way in high-tech teaching. Nursing, Engineering, and Primary Industries students are now learning using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality equipment.

SIT students also use:

  • High end Trades machinery (CNC lathe, 3D printers, waterjet cutter, robotic arms)
  • High performance PCs for Creative Industries and Engineering programmes
  • Full industry standard software suites


SIT Technology

Hololens Augmented Reality Headsets & Pearson Education

Using industry leading Hololens Augmented Reality headsets with Pearson Education apps, SIT’s Nursing programmes can teach students to diagnose a range of conditions and learn anatomy.

Article: Augmented Reality in Nursing Programmes

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Soldmatic Augmented Training Welding Simulators

Learning to weld using the Soldamatic Welding stations is safe and fun!

AR Welding training in the SIT Augmented Lab helps students gain skills and prepare for real-life situations.

This technology has been integrated into our Engineering Programmes.

Tenstar Agricultural Virtual Reality Simulator

The most advanced agricultural simulation unit available, the Tenstar Simulator provides a huge range of scenarios to safely learn to operate tractors, combine harvesters, and associated implements.


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