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Study Adult Education and Teacher Aiding SIT

SIT's Adult Education and Training programmes are suitable for people who are working as tutors in tertiary institutes, or those who have training responsibilities in their workplace. The Level 5 programme covers practical aspects of teaching adults, including designing and evaluating learning sessions, using standards to assess performance, moderating assessments and the cultural aspects of teaching adults. The Level 6 programme delves deeper and includes course design, materials development and some higher level papers that incorporate knowledge of ethics and educational research.

For those who enjoy assisting or caregiving with young people, or those with special needs, Teacher Aiding is offered by distance learning and assists graduates to enter into a support role in a variety of education establishments as a teacher aide.

Programmes in Education

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Masters Postgraduate Dip/Cert Graduate Dip/Cert Degree Diploma Certificate Short Course STAR / Gateway*





SIT2LRN Distance Learning

ODiploma27Education4SIT2LRN Distance Learning
OCertificate27Education4SIT2LRN Distance Learning
OSTAR27Education4SIT2LRN Distance Learning
Masters Postgraduate Dip/Cert Graduate Dip/Cert Degree Diploma Certificate Short Course STAR / Gateway*

* STAR/Gateway programmes are only offered to NZ Secondary Schools

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Education Courses

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1 year fulltime

Up to 3 years part-time (part time study is recommended)

Intakes are 17 weeks long.

This unit standard based programme builds on the tertiary teaching knowledge and skills learned in the Level 5 Certificate, and covers the design, moderation, quality, management and leadership of adult education and training programmes. The National Diploma in Adult Education and Training (Level 6) is a comprehensive course that teaches the theory, skills and practise of adult education, including assessment, delivery, design and development, evaluation, Māori education and training, and management of adult education and training, as well as including units covering academic research and research ethics in education.

Course Details

17 weeks fulltime

Up to 2 years part-time

Intakes are 17 weeks long.

If you are delivering adult education programmes and assessments in training environments, including polytechnics, wananga, private training establishments, workplace training and distance learning, The National Certificate in Adult Education and Training will broaden your understanding of the learning needs of adults, giving you the skills necessary to design learning sessions, tailor the way you facilitate training for individuals and groups of adult learners and evaluate sessions. This programme is Unit Standards based, totalling 60 credits comprising of 4 compulsory units, 4 elective units and a choice between two units on delivery of culturally safe and inclusive learning.

Course Details

12 weeks full time, can be studied part-time

This course aims to provide the understanding of historical and theorectical issues that underpin adult literacy in New Zealand and knowledge about Māori adult literacy.  It provides the skills to identify the literacy and numeracy demands of the programme, as well as identifying a person's literacy and numeracy level and needs.  It will enable graduates to integrate literacy and numeracy skills development into their programmes and be able to evaluate the effectiveness of strategies and activities.

Course Details

17 weeks full-time

Up to 2 years part-time

Intakes are 17 weeks long

To gain skills and knowledge that are directly relvant to working or further training in the adult and tertiary teaching sector.

To provide a base for learners to progress to more advanced studies in adult and tertiary teaching.

To produce dedicated, professional practitioners who hold a qualification which is well regarded by employers in the adult and tertiary teaching sector.

Course Details

14 weeks fulltime

Up to 2 years part-time

Intakes are 14 weeks long.

Teacher aides play an important role in supporting children’s learning in New Zealand schools. If you’re working as a teacher aide in a school, then this qualification will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to do the job effectively.

Course Details

1 year Full-time

This qualification is an entry level qualification intended for people who require specialised support with their learning. They are people with learning disabilities, including those with an intellectual disability.

Graduates will be able to self-manage participation in social, cultural, family/whanau and community contexts, with supervision and/or be encouraged to seek further skills and knowledge to improve their educational and employment pathway.

This qualification recognises the aspirations and cultural identities of the disabled communities, and that of Māori and Pasifika.

This qualification allows the Aotearoa New Zealand community, employers and educational institutions to recognise the graduate’s potential to enhance their participation in the community, as a contributing citizen.

Course Details

Within the unit standards students will learn the role a teacher aide has when assisting a teacher, define the tasks a teacher aide can be responsible for, develop useful skills for working with students with special needs, and adapt resources to ensure inclusion for all children. Career Pathways: These units provide a direct pathway into our SIT2LRN distance learning: Certificate in Introduction to Teacher Aiding (Level 3)

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Leading towards: NZ National Certificate in Nanny Education

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