Sarah Caroline Bell
Publish Date: Monday, 11 January 2021
Sarah Caroline Bell

New Zealand Diploma in Adult and Tertiary Teaching (Level 6) student

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Sarah Caroline Bell has no doubt that studying with SIT2LRN was the best choice she could have made for her career.

Currently teaching in Seoul, Sarah is studying the New Zealand Diploma in Adult and Tertiary Teaching (Level 6) through SIT2LRN and plans to start a Master of Education in Literacy Studies in 2022.

Growing up in Nelson and moving to Christchurch for university, Sarah wasn’t really sure what she wanted to study, and didn’t have much direction.

She had done well in English at school, and while at university came across a job advertisement for a part-time English as a Second Language tutor.

“I decided to apply! It was pretty nerve-racking, but I started out just tutoring children on a 1:1 basis. Later, the school asked me to run full classes, which was again daunting.”

After graduating university with a BCom and BA, Sarah applied for a job outside of education.

“However, I felt like education was where I needed to be.”

She moved to South Korea in 2011, got married and stayed on, with a brief time back in New Zealand working in a somewhat related occupation.
“But, although I had a lot of classroom experience, I didn't have formal teaching qualifications.

“This year, I decided to upskill and chose the New Zealand Certificate in Adult Literacy and Numeracy as a starting point. I was really impressed with how it taught best practice while utilising best practice. There were many times I stopped and reflected on how the course was being run, as well as the content of the course itself.”

Sarah found a new job immediately after graduating from the course.

“It isn’t in the area of literacy and numeracy specifically, but it has a lot to do with it because it is lecturing undergraduates, which I guess is part of the purpose of ‘adult specific’ professional development for teachers.”

Sarah decided to push on with the New Zealand Diploma of Adult and Tertiary Teaching, which she started in intake 3.

“I really enjoyed the papers, most particularly the culture paper, which taught me so much about Pasifika and Maori-centered education. It helped me reflect on the culture I am working in and hopefully helped me to be more responsive to my students' needs.”

She is looking forward to next year and the final two intakes of the diploma.

“But through the New Zealand Certificate in Adult Literacy and Numeracy, I've found a real passion for helping all ages strengthen their skills. I have a plan to start a Master of Education in Literacy Studies in 2022, and who knows from there! "

“At the moment, I am happy with my studies and my work. I teach in an Adult Business English and General Conversation Academy, lecture a couple of content courses to undergraduates, and teach English literature to young learners."

“SIT2LRN has been the best choice I could have ever made for my career. It didn't just help me develop my skills and acquire new roles, it also helped me uncover the passion I have for my occupation. I recommend it to anyone seeking direction during these challenging times.”