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What is HyFlex learning?

In Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) courses, you have the power to choose how you want to learn: distance, in your own time (asynchronous); remote, real-time (synchronous); or on-campus (traditional).

In this type of study, you will:

  • Engage with students both off- and on-campus
  • Have the same tutor for all three modes of learning
  • Have access to the same types of resources as your peers
  • Tailor your learning based on your needs.

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Some programmes may ask you to attend a block course on campus. Others may allow you to choose how you want to participate from day one. In any case, the programme manager will confirm the requirements for your course when you are enrolling.

HyFlex learning allows you to fit your learning around your schedule and your needs. If you want access to a tutor and a social atmosphere, then traditional or synchronous learning may be for you. If your current situation doesn’t allow you to attend the regularly scheduled on-campus classes, then asynchronous study may be best. You decide. You can always switch between these if you find that your first choice isn’t working for you.

There should be no difference in learning among the different modes – everyone will have access to the same types of resources online. Course content will be made available to all on Blackboard and on-campus sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the same platform.

There may be periods where you will be required to attend a block course where all students must come to campus. If you are not local to the campus where the block course is being held, you are responsible for organising your own travel and accommodation. Please contact the programme manager for your course for more information.

Much like in the traditional classroom experience, on-campus learning will require you to attend in person at an SIT campus. Your HyFlex classroom will be outfitted with microphones, cameras, and screens to allow you to communicate with your off-campus peers.  

Asynchronous learning will require you to be self-directed. Like your peers, you will be given the same types of resources; however, you will be covering the material on your own and in your own time.

In synchronous learning, on-campus classes will be live streamed. You can participate through chat, audio, and video from the comfort of your own space. The bonus of this mode is that you have the tutor available to answer your questions on the spot and peers to interact with in real-time.

The basic requirements for off-campus learners include:

  • A suitable working computer with an up to date operating system
  • Access to a webcam, microphone, and speakers
  • Reliable internet connection if studying from home
  • A suitable learning space without distractions

Each HyFlex course may have other requirements. You will be informed of any other requirements specific to your programme when enrolling, or contact the faculty for more information.