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SIT’s Audio Production courses range from Certificate up to Graduate Diploma level and focus on hands-on learning of skills that can lead to a successful career. Our programmes are taught by experienced tutors who are respected industry professionals with extensive professional networks.

Students undertake a range of practical and academic work, including events with local groups, building professional networks and the opportunity for third year Bachelor students to intern at SAE's Byron Bay campus in Australia for 12 weeks.

Facilities are of the highest standard, with five recording studios fully equipped with quality equipment, a recording auditorium and a 300 seat professional theatre.

The Audio Production programmes have a close alignment with SIT's Contemporary Music and Screen Arts programmes, along with an academic partnership with the School of Audio Engineering, Byron Bay and AVID Technology.

Areas of study include: live sound, studio recording, mixing, mastering, post-production for film, electronics, computing and audio software and audiology.

Many students opt to complete a double degree in Audio Production and Music in just four years.

Programmes in Audio Production

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Masters Postgraduate Dip/Cert Graduate Dip/Cert Degree Diploma Certificate Short Course STAR / Gateway*


OGraduate29Audio Production1Invercargill
ODegree29Audio Production1Invercargill
ODiploma29Audio Production1Invercargill
OCertificate29Audio Production1Invercargill
OSTAR29Audio Production1Invercargill

MAINZ Auckland

ODegree29Audio Production19MAINZ Auckland

MAINZ Christchurch

ODiploma29Audio Production20MAINZ Christchurch
Masters Postgraduate Dip/Cert Graduate Dip/Cert Degree Diploma Certificate Short Course STAR / Gateway*

* STAR/Gateway programmes are only offered to NZ Secondary Schools

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Audio Production Courses

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Three years full-time

In a rapidly changing technological sector which includes film, TV and game audio, this applied degree has been designed to equip graduates with the necessary skills to work in the music and audio related industries in NZ and overseas. It combines a core of applied, industry relevant technical skills with a creative arts-based critical approach that will help graduates succeed, as well as covering the essentials of business and marketing.

This programme will interest applicants with Music, DJing, Electronic Music Production, TV/Film sound, Radio, Live-sound or other audio-based interests or backgrounds. There are pathways into this degree from other lower level MAINZ courses such as: NZ Certificate in Foundation Skills, NZ Certificate in Entertainment and Event Technology (Lighting and Live Sound), and NZ Certificate in DJ and Electronic Music Production.

Course Details

Three years full-time

SIT's Bachelor of Audio Production is the most established audio production degree in Australasia.  Graduates have the professional technical skills to succeed in the industry and the programme offers unparalleled opportunities for hands-on learning, including an internship for third year students for 12 weeks at the School of Audio Engineering’s Byron Bay campus in Australia.

Course Details

17 weeks full-time

The Graduate Certificate in Audio Production programme offers graduates who have majored in a different discipline the opportunity to learn skills in a focused area of the Audio Production sector, such as the use of sound engineering tools, industry applications of audio technologies, specialised audiological testing, or professional communication and hearing skills.

Students have the opportunity to study specialist audio papers or undertake a major research project.

Course Details

34 weeks full-time

The Graduate Diploma in Audio Production will equip graduates who have majored in a different discipline with the skills and knowledge that fulfil the expectations of the audio production industry, its practitioners and clients.

Students will study compulsory papers on audio equipment and choose from elective papers in acoustics, electronics, technology, specialist audio topics or a major research project. 

Graduates will acquire critical thinking and independent learning skills, along with in-depth knowledge in audio production which will enhance their professional skills in this selected area or staircase to postgraduate study.

Course Details

Two years full-time

Develop your career as a professional audio engineer in the music industry. Learn a range of audio engineering skills to produce a variety of music and recordings at a professional level. 

Course Details

One year full-time

In this programme you will work with a range of music software and equipment for music production and audio engineering. You will learn computer-based and linear recording systems and become familiar with the use of both digital and traditional analogue mixing consoles. As well as understand theoretical acoustic concepts and recording technologies.

Course Details

One year full-time or two years part-time

  • Apply a range of audio software and hardware to produce complex music
  • Produce complex music using a range of audio software and hardware, and a range of audio engineering techniques and processes
  • Create and produce complex music, recordings and other sound-related works
  • Apply music and sonic theory to produce complex music
  • Apply a broad range of research and analytical skills to inform own practice
  • Manage and take responsibility for own professional practice. - Analyse characteristics of the audio and related music industry to develop own career plan

Course Details

One year full-time

Certificate in Audio Production students learn how to use a range of equipment and software as well as understanding the fundamentals of sound recording and mixing. 

Students will also acquire skills and knowledge that are required by the industry and directly relevant to gaining employment, leading to further training, enabling them to apply for entry to the Bachelor of Audio Production.

Course Details

One year full-time

  • Use electronic music production and DJ techniques and processes to create and produce electronic music
  • Create and produce electronic music using a range of sound and electronic music hardware and software, and music production and DJ techniques
  • Apply music and sonic theory to create and produce electronic music
  • Perform as a DJ with confidence and ability for an audience
  • Create and produce electronic music and other sound-related works
  • Apply a broad range of research skills to inform own DJ practice
  • Operate in DJ and related industries using a range of personal and interpersonal skills and safe practices
  • Apply understanding of the DJ and electronic music industry to develop own career plan

Course Details

20 weeks full-time

  • Search, comprehend, use and communicate information from a variety of texts and digital media relevant to the context
  • Apply basic knowledge, including literacy and numeracy skills, to solve problems relevant to the context.
  • Reflect on experiences with a range of people, cultures and communities
  • Work collaboratively and effectively in a team or group to achieve a task or outcome
  • Develop and reflect on relevant learning and career goals

Course Details

Students will be learning to operate the equipment in a recording studio and also to communicate with the performers in a real world situation.

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