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Telford Taster Camps are 3 action packed days with tons of hands on experiences.

If you like working with your hands and are interested in agriculture, rural veterinary tech or equine then this is for you!

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(Camps are run during the school term breaks, so that prospective students can experience first-hand what life is like on campus)



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09-13 July, 2019
01-05 October, 2019
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Rural Veterinary Technician
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Once your application is submitted, we will contact you (or your parent/guardian if under 18) for consent and payment. If you’re accepted, an acceptance letter will be sent to you with further information. You must advise Telford staff about your arrival so that we can collect you from either Dunedin Airport or Balclutha bus station. Teachers / parents may be hosted for free in exchange for mentoring a group of students. Please contact Telford for more information:

Learn about pastures and soils; livestock handling, nutrition, breeding and health; fencing; basic mechanics and engineering; quad bikes and tractors; working animals; chainsaws and farm forestry; sustainability; seasonal farming issues; life skills for independent living in a rural environment.

One third of the programme is on-farm work experience, one third is workshop and practical sessions to develop skill sets and one third is theory based/academic. Throughout the year you’ll study sheep, beef, dairy and deer farming systems, and undertake work experience and field trips to a variety of different farms. Many students are offered employment as a result of their work experience.

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This programme is ideal for people an interest in the health and handling of large animals from a veterinary perspective. Rural Veterinary Technicians (RVT) graduates are qualified to enter employment as rural veterinary technicians, farmers, scientists and stock managers of large animals such as horses, cattle, deer, goats, alpaca etc.

Telford offers small classes with a hands-on training emphasis. Students develop their skills on the Telford farm and gain practical experience with vets in the surrounding areas. This equips graduates with industry best-practice knowledge and skills. 

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The Telford Certificate in Equine covers topics such as Equine Health, Nutrition, and Agricultural Skills, as well as a range of practical skills and knowledge specific to the student's preferred industry sector. On completion of this programme, graduates enter the equine industry in areas such as racing stables, sport horse stables, and stud farms in roles such as rider, coach, groom, stable worker, or breeding assistant.

Students can specialise in a specific strand:

  • Sporthorse (riding or coaching)
  • track riding
  • harness racing
  • breeding

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"I loved the taster camp. The taster helped confirm that Telford was the place for me."

Phoebe Cant

Certificate in Agriculture


"The taster was an awesome opportunity to come down to Telford and see what it's about and to meet new people who have the same interests as me."

Paige McNabb

Certificate in Agriculture


"Telford has given me a better understanding to the realities of working on a farm. One day I hope to manage a farm of my own."

Mihiora Waipouri

Certificate in Agriculture


"Studying at Telford has been a great opportunity and I have received heaps of help and support from everyone here."

Redginald Reihana

Certificate in Agriculture


About Telford

SIT’s Telford Campus is located 6 kilometres from Balclutha, South Otago on an 850 – hectare commercial farm.

We offer a range of qualifications in agriculture, apiculture, equine (horses), rural veterinary technician, farming (dairy). We have a range of full-time programmes on campus and part-time programmes through Telford Distance Learning and SIT2LRN. Our affordable full-time programmes will teach you relevant theory and practical work to develop the skills you need.

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Telford, PO BOX 6, Balclutha 9240