International Student Support Services

International students studying at SIT have access to range of support services to help ensure that they have a great time and experience with us.

Our International team are readily available to assist or provide advice on living and studying in New Zealand. We also have a 24-hour free-to-call number in case of emergencies. We are here to help.

The pastoral care of our international students is of primary importance to us.

International Students

SIT International Team

SIT International Team

SIT International comprises of:

  • The International Marketing Team, responsible for the offshore promotion of SIT and the development of international partnerships.
  • The International Administration Team, responsible for the administration of all things relating to international students, from enrolments to insurance, orientation to visa queries, and much, much more.
  • The Accommodation Team, responsible for providing our international students with airport pickups and accommodation so they can focus on studying to land their dream job.
  • The Pastoral Care Team, who ensure our international students are well looked after, be it with their studies or with their personal welfare.

Student Services


SIT’s International Team are trained in the New Zealand Government’s Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. We are available on campus to discuss and assist with life issues, accommodation, visas and academic queries.

SIT provides comprehensive advice and support services to help make it easier for you to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

A-Z of International Student Services

SIT provides comprehensive advice and support services to help make it easier for you to succeed in the classroom and beyond.  SIT is committed to protecting human rights and ensuring equal education opportunities for all.

Help when needed

The team at SIT International are trained in the New Zealand Government’s Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students.  We are available on campus to discuss and assist with life issues, accommodation, visas and academic queries.  We also have a 24 hour free-to-call number, in case of any emergencies. We are here to help.

SIT’s Chaplaincy is offered free to all students.  Pastoral and spiritual care is offered without prejudice to culture or belief.

SIT Counsellors are available to discuss any issues you may be experiencing, whether it be with your academic study, your relationships or your general sense of well-being.  Counselling can help you look at the issues and make changes if you want to.  This service is free and confidential.

Course advice
The SIT International team can provide advice to help you choose the best programme of study for you.  We can guide you to an appropriate programme whether it is your first introduction to tertiary studies or you are seeking postgraduate opportunities.

Disability liaison service
Disability Liaison staff provide free assistance to students identified as having a disability or impairment. The service includes advice, access to specialised equipment, examination assistance and specialist software.

Employment support
By studying at SIT, not only will you gain a world-class qualification, you will also receive comprehensive support to find employment.  SIT employment support is available to students, their partners and recent graduates.  The service is free and confidential.

Health centre
SIT’s health centre provides free and confidential services to all students, with a registered nurse on duty daily to help students with any health-related matters.  Health centre staff can also refer you to specialist professionals or agencies, such as an optician or family planning.

Learning assistance
The learning assistance unit is available to assist you with a range of study skills, such as academic reading, writing assignments or essays, maths, concentration, time management, exam techniques, memory skills, note taking and any other area of learning. The unit regularly runs free workshops to help you understand our academic requirements and give you tips and techniques on study habits.  We recommend that all international students attend the workshops on referencing and assignment writing. The learning assistance unit is a free and confidential service.

Peer tutoring
During your studies you can take advantage of SIT’s free peer tutoring scheme.  Peer tutoring is available through our faculties so please contact your faculty tutor if you are having difficulty if you are having difficulty with your programme content and want additional assistance.

Native speaker support
For important discussions, SIT can provide native speaker support for speakers of a range of languages, such as Chinese dialects (Mandarin and Cantonese), Japanese, Korean, Nepalese, Thai, Hindi, Sinhalese, Malay, Filipino and Vietnamese. This free service can be requested through the international team.  We also provide a range of information in a variety of languages.

Pasifika student support
SIT’s Pasifika Coordinator is able to provide assistance and support for students from the Pacific Islands.  The coordinator can help you liaise with other staff and maintain links with local Pasifika communities and activities. 

Student activities
SIT’s dedicated activities officers organise sporting and cultural events for students all year round.  They can help you get involved in sports, clubs and other activities around the region.  They also organise free lunchtime meals and SIT’s participation in New Zealand’s UniGames.

Helping students with their visas is business as usual for us.  Every week we help our students update their visas, whether it be a renewal of your student visa or an application for a job search visa. We are experienced in providing advice and information for students on how to apply to Immigration New Zealand and what to expect.

Support for Families


At SIT, many of our international students bring their families with them to New Zealand, so we are used to helping out students with families. 

Settling into life in a new country can sometimes be more difficult for family members than the student.  That’s why we provide help to ensure families successfully settle into their new lives.

We recommend spouses of students attend our orientation programmes – particularly our Kiwi culture, employment and accommodation workshops.  This will help ensure they get up to speed with these important areas of life in New Zealand and meet other students and spouses. 

Spouses can access our international employment officer, participate in student activities and even our English part-time or full-time classes from 4 weeks up to 12 weeks with special discounts.  Students and their families can also visit our on-campus chaplain for pastoral support. 

We can also provide advice on local schoolsThis link is to an external site and opens in a new window and early childhood education centresThis link is to an external site and opens in a new window, including accessing the government’s 20 hours early childhood education scheme.


Find Your Embassy


As an international student at SIT, it pays to know the contact details of your embassy in case of an emergency.

You can find your country’s nearest embassy, high commission or consulate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade website.

Click on this link, select your country from the drop-down box, and you will be given the contact details for your country’s nearest embassy.


Stay Healthy, Stay Safe Videos


New to NZ? Take a look at our short, interactive range of “Stay Healthy, Stay Safe” videos that will help you as you start your learning journey with us at SIT. These videos are there to help you stay healthy and safe while you are here with us and talk about various topics under general health, mental health and sexual health. The videos have helpful tips and important contacts and will help you settle in to the “Kiwi” way of life!