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International FAQs

SIT’s main Invercargill campus has a student cafe where you can buy food and beverages. Since our campus is so close to other shops, cafes and restaurants, you can simply walk down the street for other food options.

SIT also provides student common rooms where you can eat meals that you have brought from home.  This includes microwaves for heating food and hot water for tea, coffee or noodles.

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You can find many foods and ingredients from right around the world in restaurants and supermarkets here.  You can find all kinds of ingredients and foodstuffs here, like rice, instant noodles, fresh garlic, oyster sauce, chapati, roti, curries, lentils, soy sauce, chilli sauces, spices and many more.  There is even a Filipino grocery store in nearby Winton.

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There is a range of restaurants and eating establishments in Invercargill, from Thai to Indian, Chinese to Turkish, Kiwi to Japanese.  As an example, Invercargill has over 20 Chinese takeaway places and three dine-in restaurants, several Indian takeaway places and several more dine-in restaurants. 

Many restaurants offer international dishes or cook fusion, where different food styles are combined.  While you are here, make sure you enjoy some traditional New Zealand food, like Sunday roasts and the dessert pavlova – yum!

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