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If a student wishes and is eligible to continue with study after the Zero Fees status has been withdrawn, they will be liable for the remaining programme fees.

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If you are considering withdrawal or transfer, you must discuss the matter with the Programme Manager in the first instance. 


Withdrawal from a programme may affect students’ future entitlement to the Zero Fees Scheme.


Students are responsible for informing StudyLink that they have withdrawn from their studies.


If you withdraw from a full-time programme without a satisfactory reason, you will not be eligible for the Zero Fees Scheme should you wish to enrol at a later date.


If you withdraw from part of a programme (e.g. some of the papaers), then that part will not be Zero Fees.


The 80% attendance/performance rule will apply to the remaining component(s) of the programme in which you are still enrolled. If you wish to retain Zero Fees eligibility for your remaining papers.

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These are due 14 days prior to the start date of your programme.
You can pay by:

  • Student Loan (see StudyLink)
  • Cash, cheque, direct debit (talk to Administration), internet banking
  • On-line via MySIT
  • Credit Card payments made at Reception will incur a 2% surcharge

Payment must be received by SIT on or before the date that study begins. It is your responsibility to ensure that third parties or sponsors pay your fees. Non-payment of fees is taken seriously and may result in withheld results, removal from your programme, and ultimately referral to a debt collection agency.


SIT does all that it can to assist students who are struggling financially, so please communicate with the Administration Team.

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Besides being an NZ domestic student, students must meet the following criteria in order to maintain their eligibility for Zero Fees:

  • Satisfactory academic progress
  • Satisfactory attendance, maintaining at least 80% (or programme specific) attendance   
  • Adherence to the programme’s specific rules and requirements
  • Adherence to the provisions of Southern Institute of Technology Student Code of Conduct
  • SIT2LRN programmes require evidence of ongoing engagement

If any of these requirements are not met the Zero Fees eligibility may be withdrawn (after due notice).

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Zero Fees, where available, applies only to the base tuition fee attached to each programme of study.  Certain programmes may incur direct material costs to the students, for example, uniform, textbooks, tools, activities, NZQA charges.


Zero Fees is available as a result of present Government policies.  Although not foreseen, SIT is unable to guarantee ongoing Zero Fees.  Zero Fees is, however, reviewed annually.

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If you are eligible for the Zero Fees Scheme, your tuition fees will be paid for you. All you have to pay are the material costs!


All students on the Zero Fees Scheme must meet the following criteria:

  1. Satisfactory attendance - Attend 80% of classes

  2. Satisfactory performance - Complete 80% of the programme and maintain academic progress.

  3. Satisfactory conduct as outlined in the Student Conduct

Failure to meet the above criteria may mean you are no longer eligible for the Zero Fees Scheme. If you are studying at a SIT MAINZ campus, your fees will include material and tuition costs.

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The Zero Fees Scheme applies to New Zealand citizens/permanent residents/Australian permanent residents residing in NZ.  The Zero Fees Scheme is applicable at our Invercargill, Queenstown, Telford, SIT2LRN and Gore Campuses. This amazing offer permits those mentioned to study approved programmes without paying the tuition fees. Click here for more information.

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