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Right of entry into courses of study is restricted by SIT and apparent eligibility may not lead to automatic acceptance. Applicants must demonstrate attributes, which in the assessment of SIT should lead to success.


Where SIT is satisfied that it is necessary to do so because of insufficiency of staff, accommodation, or equipment, SIT may determine a maximum number of students who may be enrolled in a particular course.


Where the number of applicants for enrolment exceeds the number of places, or where such a limitation applies, the criteria for selection shall be academic merit, order of receipt and suitability for admission to that course of study. Eligible students not admitted to their chosen course of study may be placed on a waiting list and/or referred to another course/intake.

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It is a requirement of the Tertiary Education Commission that all learners enrolled in Level 1 and 2 plus some Level 3 programmes must complete at least one literacy and one numeracy assessment during the course of their study. If you are required to complete an assessment your Facilitator will provide you with further details during your study.

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All students are sent an official SIT Progress Report for each intake of study that they complete. This shows the units/papers studied, and the results for each one. Progress Reports are sent out as soon as possible after an intake ends, and typically arrive 6 - 8 weeks after the end date of the intake.

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All students are invited to attend a graduation ceremony.

If they decide not to attend, then:

  • For those students that have completed a New Zealand qualification, Bachelor, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma or Masters their certificate will be posted out to them along with their SIT final transcript.
  • Students that have completed a National Certificate or National Diploma will be sent an NZQA application form along with their final transcript from SIT.
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If you have already completed some unit standards in the programme that you are applying for, please contact your administrator who will assist you with this. Their contact details are on the programme page on Blackboard. 

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SIT2LRN courses are approved by Studylink, but you will need to check with Studylink whether you are eligible for a student loan whilst studying.


If you are studying as a part time student, Studylink may also require you to be enrolled for a set length of time to qualify for a Student Loan.

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All SIT2LRN courses are approved by Studylink, but you will need to check with Studylink whether or not you are personally eligible for a student loan whilst studying. Usually students must be studying full time to qualify for an allowance.

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SIT2LRN’s intake dates overlap. To avoid overlapping intakes, alternate intakes should be selected i.e. Intakes #1 & #3, or #2 & #4, or #3 & #5. Generally, we will not allow learners to study in overlapping intakes.

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Yes, all SIT2LRN courses are approved by Studylink.  Any queries regarding Studylink allowances, loans, and terms and conditions should be made directly to Studylink on 0800 88 99 00 or

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Within the first two weeks of an intake, all students are required to send an email to their Facilitator confirming their start on their course of study.


Look for the Course Outline on Blackboard and use that to get started.


Clicking on the Assessments tab will give you the assignments you need to work through.


Expect a phone call from SIT2LRN within the first two weeks of the intake – we are just making sure that you are getting on okay with your study.

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