Students may expect:

  1. Accurate advice about programmes of study prior to commencement.
  2. Clear information at orientation to a programme of study on the subject content, objectives, assessment procedures, assignment requirements, timetable, textbooks and learning mode(s).
  3. Competent teaching in a safe and supportive learning environment.
  4. Respect for personal dignity which includes sensitivity towards meeting cultural needs, and freedom from any form of harassment or coercion from others.
  5. To be consulted as required on matters relating to programme operations that may affect students.
  6. Reasonable access to appropriate members of staff to discuss course related matters and concerns.
  7. Sufficient access to information, advice and other support services that may facilitate a student in the successful completion of their programme of study.
  8. Assessments which are valid, reliable and timely.
  9. Regular feedback on achievement, including the return of marked assessments within a reasonable timeframe.
  10. Appropriate supervision and appraisal of staff. (Such records are not available to students.)
  11. Complaints and appeals procedures that are accessible to all students.
  12. Privacy of personal information held by SIT, and access to personal information held by SIT in accordance with regulations for such access.
  13. Institutional quality assurance processes, including SIT’s Self Assessment process and External Evaluation and Review by external quality assurance agencies.