The Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) has many events and activities that we encourage our students to participate in. 


As part of our promotional activities, SIT will occasionally have a photographer at these events and activities as we are always looking at opportunities to showcase our students, their achievements and information about student life that can be experienced at our campuses. We feel that the best way to showcase this is through imagery of our students, of which you are now a part of.


If you feel that you would not like photos and/or images of you in our marketing collateral which includes, but is not limited to, the SIT prospectus, posters, fliers, handbooks, profiles, mailbox drop mailers, e-newsletters, billboards, Facebook posts or other social media campaigns and/or videos, please contact the Marketing Department and let the team know your preference. The Marketing Team can be contacted on, or phone 0800 4 0 FEES (0800 4 0 3337).
For full details on the conditions of the Rights of Release please email for a copy.