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SIT management would like to provide information regarding the Corona virus that recently originated in Wuhan, China.


We have been working closely with New Zealand Health Authorities since becoming aware of this issue on a daily basis. There are no known cases of the coronavirus in New Zealand, including at SIT, neither with staff nor students.


SIT has a plan in place for anyone presenting with any signs of infection, including respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. Please contact our SIT nurses during work hours if you have a concern. Out of working hours please phone 0800SIT111 for advice.


SIT staff have been in daily contact with the very small number of our students from Wuhan. Many who have not left NZ for the holidays. All of our students returning from China have been closely monitored.


We expect a handful of students that have been in China, to have their travel back to New Zealand delayed. If this could be you, or someone you know, please contact the Pastoral Care staff immediately to let them know of your situation. We will ensure that your teachers and Programme Managers are made aware of your situation, and that you are not disadvantaged due to these extenuating circumstances.


Please note if you are travelling, we recommend that you take advantage of the health checks available. The turn around time on these checks are very quick and could save you a lot of time, trouble and anxiety. Please do understand that it is also very common to have a sore throat after being on a plane for many hours. Do not be overly concerned if this is the case for you. However, a common-sense response would be to stay at home and contact our SIT Nurses or the 0800SIT111 for assistance if you are unwell.


Remember - stay calm, use your common sense and if you are feeling unwell, let us know immediately.


Coronavirus Update  - New Zealand Education

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