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Prime Minister’s Vocational Excellence Award recognises top South Otago student

NCEA Level 2 student Robbie Jackson of The Catlins Area School has been awarded The Prime Minister’s Vocational Excellence Award for his successes throughout the year, both vocationally and academically.

Robbie attended an Agricultural class one day a week at Telford Campus this year, in addition to his normal academic workload at school, successfully completing a Level 2 Certificate in Agriculture alongside his NCEA Level 2 Qualification. 

The Catlins Area School Principal Kate Staniford said Robbie is very pleased to be receiving the award, and proud of his achievement.

“He is a multi-skilled student, in that he has a vocational pathway carved out in both the ‘Primary Industries’ and ‘Construction and Infrastructure’ areas as well as being academically able in school”.

“He is lucky in the respect that he excels in many styles of learning,” she said.

Robbie is on a University Entrance pathway and will complete his NCEA Level 3 at The Catlins Area School next year, before embarking on a Bachelor in Agriculture at Lincoln University in 2021.

He was given his award at the schools senior prizegiving on Wednesday, November 6.

The Prime Minister’s Vocational Excellence Award was launched by Prime Minister Jacinda Arden this year to celebrate the success of the country’s future creators, innovators, crafters and tradespeople.

Each year, every state and state-integrated secondary school can nominate a single student they believe is most deserving of the award.

The award and $2000 prize money is presented to the top vocational student at each school.

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