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Traci Meek
Teaching Staff, Visual and Screen Arts
Traci Meek

Originally from Alaska, USA, Traci pursued her love for the creative arts during her studies exploring one form of storytelling after another. Her work as a Costume Crafts Technician in theatre included time with Utah Shakespeare Festival and PlayMaker's Repertory Company (Chapel Hill, NC).  Upon immigrating to New Zealand, she pursued freelance mascot design and the construction of unusual props and costumes.  Her creations appeared on Pulp Sport, Wanna-Ben, and Jono and Ben at Ten. Since retraining as a digital character designer, she has worked with nationally-recognised children's singer songwriters Anna van Riel and Kath Bee to bring their delightful songs to children in New Zealand through animated music videos.


2017: Bachelor of Screen Arts (Animation), Southern Institute of Technology 

2000: Master of Fine Arts (Dramatic Art), University of Connecticut, USA 

1996: Bachelor of Fine Arts (Studio Art), University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA 


Teaching Staff, Visual and Screen Arts


Bachelor of Screen Arts


SIT Centre for Creative Industries

Selected Research
  • Bee, K., & Meek, T. (2020, March 1). Magic in Me [Official Video] [Video]. YouTube.
  • Bee, K., & Meek, T. (2021, March 1). Follow Your Heart [Official Video] [Video]. YouTube.
  • Van Riel, A. (Producer), & Pimental, P. (Director). (2020). Waste Free Wanda [Pitch Video] [WFW costume by Traci Meek].
  • Van Riel, A., & Meek, T. (2020, November 3). Waste Free Wanda Intro [Pitch Video Animation] [Video]. YouTube.
  • Van Riel, A., & Meek, T. (2021, July 9). Waste Free Wanda [Official Video] [Video]. YouTube.
External Funding
  • Magic in Me, funded by NZ on Air (2019)
  • Follow Your Heart, funded by NZ on Air (2020)
  • Waste Free Wanda, funded by Creative NZ and NZ on Air (2019-21)

The Waste Free Wanda touring show seeks to educate school-age children regarding alternatives to single-use plastics. Music videos and costumes are used to promote and be shown with the tour which has been performed for over 9,000 NZ children.  Magic in Me by Kath Bee has over 45,000 views on YouTube and has been in rotation on TVNZ since 2020.

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