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Dr Naveed ur Rehman
Teaching Staff, Engineering
Dr Naveed ur Rehman

Naveed ur Rehman is actively researching the field of solar energy engineering. The key research activities include the development of models, algorithms, and computational tools for assessing the geographic-scale solar potential, designing the innovative thermal and photovoltaic concentrators, producing optimal layout for constrained photovoltaic fields, and analysing the performance of solar-thermoelectric generators. He has numerous publications in peer-reviewed international journals such as Renewable Energy, Solar Energy, Solar Energy Engineering, Building and Energy, and Desalination. Since 2009, Naveed has taught in many academic institutions including NED University in Pakistan, and AUT University, MIT, and Aspire2 in New Zealand.


2021: PhD (Solar Energy Engineering), Auckland University of Technology 

2018: National Certificate in Adult Education and Training (L4 & L5), National Institute of Education 

2010: Master of Engineering (Energy Systems), NED University, Pakistan 

2007: Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering), NED University, Pakistan


Teaching Staff, Engineering


Bachelor of Engineering Technology 

New Zealand Diploma in Engineering


B2-06-01, 133 Tay Street, Invercargill

Professional Memberships/ Certifications/ Committees
  • Engineering New Zealand, Member (1167342) 
  • International Solar Energy Society, Professional Member (22854) 
External Profiles
Selected Research
  • Rehman, N.U. (2019). Optical-irradiance ray-tracing model for the performance analysis and optimization of a single slope solar still. Desalination, 457, 22-31.
  • Rehman, N.U., Uzair, M., & Asif, M. (2020). Evaluating the solar flux distribution uniformity factor for parabolic trough collectors. Renewable Energy, 157, 888-896.
  • Rehman, N.U., & Uzair, M. (2020). Optimizing the inclined field for solar photovoltaic arrays. Renewable Energy, 153, 280-289.
  • Rehman, N.U., Hijazi, M., & Uzair, M. (2020). Solar potential assessment of public bus routes for solar buses. Renewable Energy, 156, 193-200.
  • Rehman, N.U., Uzair, M., & Allauddin, U. (2020). An optical-energy model for optimizing the geometrical layout of solar photovoltaic arrays in a constrained field. Renewable Energy, 149, 55-65.
  • Editorial Board Member, Southern Institute of Technology Journal of Applied Research (2021-)
  • Co-Editor, Special Edition: Mechanical Engineering (2021), Southern Institute of Technology Journal of Applied Research
  • Reviewer for several journals published by Elsevier, Springer, and Taylor & Francis
  • Received Full Fee Waiver and Supervisor Support Doctoral Scholarship from AUT during PhD.

Naveed has developed swDuino, a software tool for creating custom Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) that is popular among engineering students, researchers, and hobbyists. It is listed in the official directory of Arduino and has crossed 50,000 downloads. Naveed has also published several creative puzzle books (available through Amazon) for middle-aged and elderly adults to help improve brain health and mental skills such as working memory, logic, and reasoning.

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