No SIT Staff or Students have been diagnosed with COVID-19

Many of you will be aware that the Invercargill Chartered Accounting firm Findex have closed their offices and sent staff home to self-isolate for a period of time because a staff member who had travelled overseas has been confirmed to have COVID-19.

Unfortunately, several Findex staff members are also part time students at SIT. The students have advised their tutors and classmates and a number of the students who were in the class with them have opted to go into self-isolation.

The part time students are not themselves unwell, nor are other students in the classes. We do not believe any of them were in contact or close contact with the infected staff member. The extended classes are not required to be in self isolation under the Ministry of Health requirements but because of the anxiety level of the students we have given that option to them and also the tutors.

We are arranging for the classroom they were all in to be thoroughly cleaned.

This is just a general notification to prevent rumours from escalating this situation beyond what has actually occurred.

I reiterate that no SIT students or staff have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

If any student or staff member is diagnosed with COVID-19 in the future, SIT will be contacted directly by the Ministry of Health and would be required to close for 48 hours and be thoroughly cleaned.

It does however serve as a timely reminder to us all about keeping a sensible distance from each other in work, classroom and social settings and practicing all the correct hygiene advice. 

Thank you

Penny Simmonds