COVID-19 Update - SIT campuses will temporarily close for 4 weeks

Kia Ora staff and students

The Government have just announced Monday 23rd March 1.45pm that from tomorrow Tuesday 24th March NZ will be at level 3 in the COVID-19 control system for 48 hours and then transitioning into level 4 for 4 weeks.

All non-essential businesses and services throughout NZ will stop. All SIT campuses and our Childcare Centre will therefore close down over this period.

We will continue to operate as much as we can remotely, including remote delivery of programmes, taking applications etc. but there will be no on campus work or delivery during the next 4 weeks starting from tomorrow Tuesday 24 March. I will forward further information as it comes out but please make plans to have everyone off site within the next 48 hours.

The Childcare Centre will operate for the next 48 hours at reduced capacity to enable essential services and parents to make alternative arrangements.

Management and essential IT staff will be taking the next 48 hours to make sure everyone is as set up as possible for the coming 4 weeks.

Take care everyone.

Thank you

Penny Simmonds

Chief Executive