South Port NZ Environmental Project Partnership: Stormwater Discharge
Publish Date: Monday, 31 January 2022
South Port NZ Environmental Project Partnership: Stormwater Discharge
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South Port and the Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) have partnered to create opportunities for students to work on ‘real’ environmental projects as part of their diploma studies.

As pavement upgrades have been completed around the Port, treatment systems to the stormwater network have been added. The Port is now able to study the effectiveness of these systems and make improvements if necessary. The partnership with SIT has given engineering student, Eduardo Queluz, the opportunity to complete this work which will form part of his Engineering Diploma studies. This study addresses the assessment of stormwater system performance, focusing on the qualitative aspect, i.e., verifying the capacity to treat the stormwater collected by the system. For this purpose, water samples are being collected at points before and after the treatment devices. Comparison of the individual analyses of the samples will determine the efficiency of the system. Based on the results of the analysis, improvement options based on Best Management Practices (BMP) will be considered.

Student ProfileEduardo Queluz

Eduardo Queluz is from Brazil and holds a degree in Cartographic Engineering and a postgraduate in Environmental Management. He worked as a Cartographer in one of the biggest forestry  companies in the world (Arauco Forest) and as a Forestry Manager in a pulp and paper company, both in Brazil. Queluz has over 20 years’ experience in various areas, including surveying, GIS, forestry, FSC Certification and environmental. He is currently working towards a Graduate Diploma in Engineering Technology (Civil) at SIT. (South Port NZ, 2021, p. 45). 



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