South Port NZ Environmental Project Partnership: Carbon Footprint
Publish Date: Monday, 31 January 2022
South Port NZ Environmental Project Partnership: Carbon Footprint
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South Port and the Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) have partnered to create opportunities for students to work on ‘real’ environmental projects as part of their diploma studies.

Over the past few years South Port has been undertaking the required work to measure and report on the Port’s carbon footprint. This year, the partnership with SIT has given engineering  student, Leo Zhao, the opportunity to complete this work.

The Carbon Footprint Report gives a general overview of the Port’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and converts them into CO2. The calculation and analysis of the GHG emissions can  ensure the identification of the possible measures to reduce energy consumption, as well as decreasing the overall carbon footprint. The carbon footprint indicators can promote the monitoring of the Company's activities to identify improvement areas and highlight areas of possible concern.

Student Profile: Leo Zhao

Leo enjoys using and applying engineering skills to contribute to the advances that happen in the engineering industry. He is currently working towards a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) at SIT. At SIT, Leo has learned the importance of applying engineering techniques to the real world from experts in the field, including his supervisors, Carlo Gabriel and Naveed Ur Rehman.

“As a participant of the South Port carbon footprint project, I have gained precious experience and knowledge regarding the engineering industry, improved my capacity of thinking, analysing,  and communicating with the help of South Port team members. This contributes to my current study and my future career as well.” (South Port NZ, 2021, p. 45). 



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