Rene de Joux
Publish Date: Sunday, 19 September 2021
Rene de Joux

Diploma in Remedial Massage (Level 6)

With a certificate in massage and sports massage under his belt, Rene de Joux decided to enrol in the New Zealand Diploma in Remedial Massage (Level 6) at the Southern Institute of Technology.

He also has a degree in physical education and science, majoring in exercise prescription and management nutrition and a Diploma in teaching and learning and adventure tourism, so is well versed in his chosen area of expertise.

Originally from Christchurch, Rene has lived in most of the main centres throughout the country and also taught in Japan for two years.

“I have worked in the fitness industry predominantly, education and adventure tourism as well,” he says.

“I worked as a sea kayak guide in the Abel Tasman National Park, coffee’s on the beach chatting with tourists, practicing kaitiakitanga and manakitanga.”

During professional development within the fitness industry, Rene was introduced to Thomas Myers Anatomy Trains concept which piqued her interest in massage and myofascial release.

He wasn’t sure what SIT’s Invercargill campus would be like, but had heard good things about the course.

“The massage course is well recognised with great tutors who are leaders in their fields,” Rene says.

“The option of the bachelor’s programme also sets SIT apart from other providers. 

“The cost of living is also lower in Invercargill compared to other cities. I bought a house to live in while studying in Invercargill and there has been some great growth in the local housing market.”

And with the appeal of the Zero Fees Scheme, he was sold on his decision to move to Invercargill and complete the diploma. A diploma he will be graduating from this year.

He has enjoyed the opportunity to massage at sports events and with high performance teams due to the relationships the tutors have established locally with sports franchises and health providers, and says his knowledge has expanded further.

“My course of study has increased my knowledge and skills in my chosen field and complimented previous study,” says Rene.

“Massage and exercise fit well together and now I can see the human body and movement from the perspective of a physical educator and a massage therapist.”

He has made some great connections within the local community through SIT, particularly on placements and massaging at events.

Although he hasn’t secured a job in the industry as yet, he is close to finalising one and hopes to work primarily in sports massage, therapeutic massage and corrective exercise.

“I highly recommend study at SIT. However, take responsibility for your own learning you will only get out of it what you put in. As Ben Harper said, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink, you can put a man in school, but you can’t make him think”.