Mark Epifanio
Publish Date: Tuesday, 7 November 2023
Mark Epifanio

SIT2LRN Master of Applied Management (MAM)

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Personal drive might have been why Mark Epifanio started his Master of Applied Management (MAM) but completing it has given him a lifetime passion for learning, diversified his viewpoints, and strengthened his critical thinking skills.  

Originally from the Philippines, he moved to New Zealand a decade ago before shifting to Australia to progress his electrical engineering career. He’s held numerous senior maintenance engineering roles and is currently the Technical Operations Manager of a provider of utility-scale solar power generation sites. 

He’s full of praise for the SIT2LRN course, which has enabled him to increase his knowledge of management theories, research techniques, and best practices. 

“I had many years of professional experience before I entered this programme, so I thought it would be a walk in a park.  

“It was actually quite challenging, but anything worthwhile shouldn't ever be simple,” he said. 

“A MAM helps people enhance their talents in a variety of management-related areas by giving them real-world knowledge and experience. It improved my capacity to manage resources, analyse corporate data, lead teams, and make strategic decisions.  

“For people like me who want to improve their management skills, this programme's emphasis on the application of management ideas in practical situations is really helpful.” 

He was impressed with the flexibility that SIT2LRN offered, enabling him to design a unique study programme that suited his requirements and preferences.  

“That’s especially useful for people who have other obligations such as employment, and family responsibilities, as it offers the flexibility to juggle several commitments, which is incredibly beneficial.”  

Mark is confident that not only has the master's degree provided him with a greater understanding of the topic and broadened his knowledge base, but it will also greatly improve his career prospects

"Employers place an increasing priority on possessing advanced knowledge and specialised skills in what is a competitive employment market. 

"Thanks to SIT2LRN, I’ll be more prepared to assume higher-level positions, contribute to organisations more successfully, and have a significant impact in my field of study.”