Keri Hawkins
Publish Date: Tuesday, 7 November 2023
Keri Hawkins

SIT2LRN Bachelor of Applied Management (Applied Management Major)

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When Keri Hawkins decided she wanted to create a future for herself, she turned to SIT2LRN because she needed the freedom and flexibility that remote learning could offer. 

“I was a sole parent raising two young daughters. Reflecting on where I wanted my life to go, I realised I would be an ‘empty nester’ one day so needed to take the opportunity to study now while they were young and semi-independent. 

"I didn’t want to wait until they had grown up and moved on in their lives before I began to rebuild mine.” 

Working as a relief teacher provided a schedule that best suited her children, and ultimately her study. “I could work part-time, tend to my children’s daily needs, as well as study full time,” she said. 

“I love being a teacher and watching children flourish into young adults. This led to a potential passion and a new dream of one day becoming a principal.” 

She’d observed the different qualities and characteristics of principals and realised she needed some formal training in business management, so undertook a Bachelor of Applied Management

“I wanted a transferable skillset so that, should I travel overseas to live and work, my formal education would be recognised internationally.”  

Keri is full of praise for the learning support services that SIT2LRN provided, and believes they contributed to the success of her learning. She’s also an advocate of remote study, although she acknowledges that being a naturally self-motivated person made it easier to focus on her work. 

“Sometimes, major life experiences can happen unexpectedly and throw you off course. Studying with SIT2LRN meant I could return at my convenience and try again and again.  

“I never experienced judgement of personal situations – the facilitators were always polite and managed each situation with integrity. I really appreciated the kindness of the staff who work behind the scenes.” 

Keri also recognises how important family is to the academic life of a student.  

“At times they are the reason and drive to push you through to achieving deadlines before time, to relieve some pressure for the family responsibilities that never stop.”