Towards an understanding of the practice of massage therapy in New Zealand
Publish Date: Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Smith, J., Sullivan, SJ., & Baxter, GD.

Publication: Journal article - Journal of the Australian Association of Massage Therapists,7 (3), 26.

Within New Zealand, consumers are now choosing a range of complementary and alternative therapeutic approaches to satisfy their primary healthcare needs1, and massage therapy is a popular treatment choice. During a 12-month period in 2002/3, 9.1 percent of adult New Zealanders reported having visited a massage therapist. So, what is driving the increase in use of massage therapy? What motivates clients to use and return to massage therapy? What is the “caring experience” of the massage therapy client? Is massage therapy just a temporary feel good factor or do results matter? These questions were the foundation for this programme of research. The primary aim of this series of research studies was to investigate why clients use, value, and continue to seek massage therapy as a health care option.