Making connections with rural Southlanders

This Saturday 15th February, teams of student volunteers from Southern Institute of Technology (SIT), will travel to Southland’s flood ravaged farms to make a difference. The call has already gone out for volunteers to bring their gumboots, gloves and a smile, with a willingness to get stuck in and assist farmers in some practical ways. General cleaning up of farms and fence repairs will be high on the list of priorities for the volunteers.

The floods that Southland endured in February have caused major damage for farmers and rural communities as a whole. “It takes an economic, mental and emotional toll on the rural community when they’re hit so hard by forces beyond their control,” said an SIT spokesperson. “We acknowledge the gravity of their situation and want to help ease some of the stress and pressure by providing practical support in the form of helping hands. Our response to the floods is to help provide some comfort to those hardest hit and show our genuine concern for all Southlanders who have had homes and livelihoods affected” they said. 

As well as some hands-on, potentially mucky work, the volunteer day also provides students to view first hand how the rural community has been affected by the floods, and the opportunity of making some real life connections with rural Southlanders, showing some solidarity and friendship with them in their time of need.

It’s not too late to volunteer and make a difference in the community when it really matters.

Students can still register by contacting Student Services by 12 noon Thursday 13th February.