Study Hospitality at SIT

Study Hospitality at SIT

SIT has a long history of training exceptional chefs, cooks and culinary artists. Whether you are looking for a short course in barista skills, a course to prepare you for cafe and bar work, or you are an aspiring cook or chef, our range of quality hospitality courses will equip you with professional skills to enter this competitive industry.

We offer recognised cookery, and food and beverage programmes designed to give you a thorough grasp of culinary skills as well as the development of creative cooking and bartending techniques. SIT hospitality tutors are highly respected, internationally experienced chefs whose high standards and passion for their craft will ensure you graduate with top-end skills.

Our classrooms and training kitchens are well equipped. Students operate all aspects of the Bungalow Restaurant and the Vault Café, including serving as wait staff, counter service, bar staff and chefs for several periods during the year. There are opportunities to compete in national culinary arts competitions, and to gain additional City and Guilds international qualifications.

Programmes in Hospitality at the Gore campus

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Masters Postgraduate Dip/Cert Graduate Dip/Cert Degree Diploma Certificate Short Course STAR / Gateway*


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Masters Postgraduate Dip/Cert Graduate Dip/Cert Degree Diploma Certificate Short Course STAR / Gateway*

* STAR/Gateway programmes are only offered to NZ Secondary Schools

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Hospitality courses at the Gore campus

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Part time - Three day course

9am - 2pm

This programme aims to provide a basic understanding of practises that result in safe food handling. It is for all people working, or preparing to work, in a food business.

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2 days, 9.00am-5.00pm

This two day programme covers the unit standards required to gain the Licence Controller Qualification.  It is compulsory to hold this qualification if applying for the General Managers Certificate, and is important for people working or intending to work in a supervisory role in a licenced premises. 

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Monday 9am-3pm


It's a delightful experience to go into a well-run café and enjoy a beautiful coffee
A quality cup of espresso coffee is 50% barista skills, 25% well maintained espresso equipment and 25% roast and blend. A confident barista has the power to get customers into your café, and return custom is what everyone’s goal for a successful business venture should be.

This is a one day training session on how to achieve "The Perfect Cup"


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