Bruce Wang
Publish Date: Friday, 9 June 2023
Bruce Wang

New Zealand Diploma in Photography

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Bruce Wang has developed such a passion for capturing life through images, he managed to achieve a New Zealand Diploma in Photography over two years, while he was still working in his full-time job.

Originally from China, Wellington-based Bruce already has a day job as an Accounts Administrator; it was his long-held interest in photography which saw him pursue a new qualification in a completely different field. 

Via word of mouth, Bruce was introduced to distance learning through SIT2LRN. “ ... when my friend told me about this course, I was very excited to enrol and learn a lot more proper knowledge about photography.” By choosing SIT2LRN, it allowed Bruce to carry on with his usual commitments, as well as pick up studying from home in a subject he loves.

“To be honest, I didn’t expect too much before I started the study, but it’s taught me a lot in the past two years, and I enjoyed it immensely.”

Bruce immersed himself in his photography to complete the level 5 diploma qualification, starting in 2019 and finishing in 2021. “It took up most of my spare time after work,” he explained.

The course covered: Introduction of Digital Photography; Introduction of Digital Post Production; Auteur Studies; Photographic Design; Digital Photography; Digital Post Production; Professional Practice; the final assignment is a Digital Photography Portfolio, where students produce a portfolio of their photographs on a particular subject.

He said his favourite topic was Photographic Design. “I enjoyed it very much; you need to use your own photos to design as required, and it involved good planning as well.”  And in terms of challenges, Bruce described the assignment on old photo repair as “painstaking. It took a whole week and you were working on it one pixel at a time.”

Bruce believes his two years of study has helped to develop his artistic sensibilities.

“I think the study has made me to see the world differently. After this course you will know your own mind and thinking when you enjoy other art forms or works of art.”

The distance learning gave Bruce so much more freedom and flexibility to plan his own study around his already busy life, and especially during the pandemic. The main difference he noticed with home-based study, when he sometimes got stuck on a subject, was waiting to get an answer. “... normally it would take one or two days, due to you having to contact your tutor by email. It’s not like campus study where you ask the tutor, you might get the answer straight away.”

The best advice Bruce can offer about distance learning is all about planning and time management. “Prepare and organise your time very well before you enrol in this course if you are in full-time work. I saw other students enrol in too much each term, then have not enough time to study.”

Intending to continue in his current career, Bruce said the diploma isn’t impacting any immediate plans he has, as his photography is still only at the hobby stage. It’s his wish to eventually have his own studio for part-time photographic work; having developed the essential skills through his studies, Bruce has set himself an achievable goal to make it happen in the future.