Getting started as a SIT2LRN student is really easy. Once fully enrolled, students are emailed their student login details and sent an important information booklet and USB/pen drive.

your sit2lrn checklist:

Prior to the start of your programme:

  • You'll receive your MYSIT login details, username and password with your Enrolment Confirmation letter.
  • You'll receive a Time to Get Started Package that will confirm your intake details.

First Two weeks of your study:

  • Log into the situation portal 'MYSIT'
  • Access Blackboard - our online learning interface. Each paper that you have enrolled in has its own Blackboard course page. You can view this list on the Blackboard home page.
  • Log into your SIT Student Email and email your facilitator in the first week to let them know you have made a start. If your facilitator doesn’t hear from you, you may be withdrawn from your study.
  • SIT2LRN will call or email you just to check in and ensure everything is going well.
  • Make a realistic study plan – use the study calendar provided in Blackboard to see when assignments are due and keep in mind other commitments you may have like work.

During your study:

  • Keep in contact with your facilitator – especially if you have queries. Their contact details will be in Blackboard
  • If you need to transfer or withdraw from an intake you will need to fill a form and submit it to your administrator. This can be found in Blackboard on the Programme page.

After your study has finished:

  • You’ll receive your official SIT Academic Transcript 6-8 weeks after the end of your study, for each completed programme.
  • For more information on what happens on completion of your qualification, see the FAQs.