An evaluation of data sources in netball performance analysis
Publish Date: Monday, 13 November 2023

Hayden Croft & Kirsten Spencer




This paper evaluated what information systems and types of data are available, in real-time, during netball sport matches. Feedback is recognised as an important part of the coaching process and if the vast quantities of data and information that exist in sport can be aligned with what coaches are trying to achieve, better decision-making will result. A review of research and public domain data sources was conducted, and each evaluated against two validity and two compatibility criteria. Ratings were assigned for each source and recommendations made for their use. Data sources identified included computing devices such as heart rate monitors, accelerometers, and GPS. Notational analysis systems were found to be the most customisable and best suited for live feedback, while public domain web sources had excellent alignment and potential for compatibility if an API could be connected to. There are tactical themes in live netball performances that current information technologies do not produce data on, and larger publicly available sources of data which could be used to provide context about live performance; further research needs to look at both of these outcomes. These results also provide a useful guide for performance analysts when designing information technologies for use during matches.

Keywords: Performance; Analysis; Sport; Analytics; Data; Coaching.


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