Mistakes-based video pedagogy – rolling it out
Publish Date: Thursday, 21 September 2023

Anne-Marie Simon, Lynette Smith & Philippa Crombie





Successful teaching and learning practices and pedagogies embrace the need to respond to change be it in the form of classroom dynamics, course content or delivery. When COVID-19 struck, educators scurried to embrace online teaching, refashioning delivery to accommodate the necessity of teaching remotely. Mistakes-Based Video Pedagogy (MBVP) is a strategy for motivating and engaging learners to successfully gain practical skills. This strategy has been used in two separate subject areas offered by one institute of technology and polytechnic (ITP). The original use of MBVP and research on its success, was based on primary data gathered via a fashion tutor’s in-class experience with students, the teaching strategy developed for teaching construction skills, based on a student-centred learning approach. The study described in this paper, is in response to recommendations made in the original pre-pandemic study, which found that there is a need to have the ability to deliver practical skills-based learning online, to wider student audiences. While the original study was within the fashion programmes, this paper explores the preliminary use of video as MBVP teaching practical skills in Level 3 and Level 4 Hairdressing programmes. Experiences and observations by the tutor, in addition to student participants are revealed and the learnings summarised from a semester long roll-out of MBVP in action. Data was also gathered from the tutor’s observations of her students’ uptake of the video tool, and learning success was measured by the results of the survey questionnaire attached to the practical video clips. The key pedagogical perspectives are discussed, in particular the use of video as a teaching tool, and the modelling of common mistakes and their possible remedies.

Keywords: Video pedagogy, Mistakes based learning, Online learning, Teaching Practical skills


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