BIM based energy analysis for solar powered prefabricated house buildings in New Zealand
Publish Date: Thursday, 23 December 2021

Rehan Masood, Naveed ur Rehman, Hafiz Saeed Ur Rehman & Krishanu Roy


"Prefabrication and offsite construction help in attaining affordable and sustainable housing with less time compared to the traditional on-site construction approaches. This study provides a guide to develop a Building Information Model and perform a Life Cycle Assessment of Prefabricated House Buildings when the Building Integrated Photovoltaic system was employed. A prefabricated transportable house was taken as a case study for investigation, which was designed and manufactured in New Zealand. The building information modelling was developed in computer aided design software following the national guidelines of New Zealand. Furthermore, an energy analysis software was used for evaluating the annual energy requirements of the case study building. The building integrated photovoltaic system was proposed for meeting the electricity demands of the house and for the on-grid and off-grid configurations. This study has therefore indicated the need of building more energy efficient prefabricated buildings in New Zealand to achieve its net zero carbon target by 2050."


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