An exploratory study about the effectiveness of ISO 9001 certification in New Zealand
Publish Date: Tuesday, 28 December 2021

Chao Liu & Chandra Sharma Poudyal


"This study aims to explore the effectiveness of ISO 9001 certification in the improvement of manufacturers’ performance in New Zealand. To achieve this aim, two research objectives were developed: (i) to examine the factors which may influence ISO 9001 certified manufacturers’ performance in New Zealand and (ii) to determine the manufacturers’ motivations for adopting ISO 9001 certification in New Zealand. The study has used an exploratory design and has used a positivism philosophy. Quantitative data was collected using an online questionnaire distributed to ISO 9001 certified manufacturers in New Zealand. The study results suggest that organisational performance is influenced positively by ‘ISO 9001 standards implementation depth’ and ‘ISO 9001 standards implementation procedures’ among New Zealand manufacturers. Most of New Zealand’s manufacturers obtained ISO 9001 certification because of external motivations, including marketing requirements and customer expectations. The study also revealed that external motivational factors positively impact business performance but have a negative influence on operational performance. Customer satisfaction is only influenced positively by organisational size but negatively influenced by ‘ISO 9001 standards implementation procedures. This study concluded that ISO 9001 certification positively influences New Zealand’s manufacturers’ performance through ‘ISO 9001 standards implementation depth’ and ‘ISO 9001 standards implementation procedures.’ Future research needs to focus on the relationship between operational performance and business performance using a longitudinal study. In addition, the management of New Zealand manufacturers  should turn external motivations into internal motivations for ISO 9001 certification rather than meeting external requirements."


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