The impulse-buying behaviour of working women purchasing clothing in New Zealand
Publish Date: Wednesday, 29 December 2021

Nelum W. Arulalan & Alison Fields


"This paper examines the impulse-buying behaviour of working women purchasing clothing in New Zealand. The main factors considered which have an interrelationship with impulse-purchasing clothing, and may affect this behaviour, are: age, emotional state, store environment, and sales and promotions. Data for the study was gathered via an online questionnaire and semi-structured telephone interviews. There are approximately 1,260,000 working women in New Zealand aged 20 years and over. From this research population, this research received 253 valid questionnaire responses and six semi-structured interviews. The questionnaire sought to identify and quantify impulse-buying behaviour among New Zealand working women while the semi-structured interviews were designed to gain deeper insights into impulse-buying behaviour amongst these women. The findings confirmed that age, emotional state, store environment, and sales and promotions each affect decisions around impulse-buying of clothing, to varying degrees. The results showed impulse-buying behaviour was present in all age groups, but young New Zealand working women aged between 20-35 have more impulse-buying habits than those aged 35 and above. The reasons behind their impulse-buying behaviour are varied, and some change over time. Results have  implications for New Zealand’s clothing retail sector and the management of the store environment, product display, sales and promotions, and customer service"


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