SIT Nursing programmes gain nursing council five-year accreditation
Publish Date: Sunday, 15 May 2022
SIT Nursing programmes gain nursing council five-year accreditation
SIT School of Nursing staff are celebrating the achievement of their Nursing programmes receiving the maximum 5-year accreditation from the Nursing Council.
Southern Institute of Technology School of Nursing (SoN) has reason to celebrate over their latest accreditation process; they recently succeeded in achieving the maximum number of years under Nursing Council standards.

Acting Head of Faculty and Head of School of Nursing, Johanna Rhodes, is delighted with the result, and immediately acknowledged the consistently high standards set amongst the team of educators within SoN.

She said the Nursing Council's primary mission is to protect public safety; this function is supported through the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003, making them responsible for prescribing nursing qualifications and setting education standards for both nursing programmes and the institutions providing them.

With a maximum accreditation period of five years allowed for Nursing programmes, SIT first achieved a five-year accreditation in 2016, then successfully re-achieved the five year maximum at their recent accreditation in April (pending final approval). “We’re very privileged to have achieved this consecutively,” said Ms Rhodes, “It confirms for staff that they’re on the right track and investing into our programmes in a way which produces notable outcomes.”

SIT Nursing students could be confident they were enrolled in a quality programme, she added. “It gives reassurance and offers public confidence... this is also evidenced by our continued success with State Finals and employment.” She said hearing the Nursing Council state how well constructed and delivered the programme is, is an achievement which reflects a staff - both past and present - who do exceptional work in the SoN, showing continued dedication to nursing in Aotearoa.

“They continually offer flexibility, innovation, and resilience, while producing workready graduates who are equipped to work in the electrifying, intricate, and fluctuating world of healthcare.”