Brittany Souter
Publish Date: Monday, 4 May 2020
Brittany Souter

Bachelor of Sport and Exercise student

Third-year Bachelor of Sport and Exercise student Brittany Souter hopes her research project will enlighten Netball South as to how umpires’ decisions are affected.

Brittany Souter (20), in her third year of the Bachelor of Sport and Exercise, is researching national and international umpires and how crucial decisions may be affected in the later stages of a game. 

“It’s just about seeing how their concentration is affected as they umpire a game and by the end of the game, how it’s affecting their decisions,” she says. 

Souter says she had been a prominent member of coaching and umpiring in Southland and hoped her research might be used at Netball South to help young umpires.

“There are 11 to 12 year olds that are getting the hang of umpiring and the rules,” she says.

“I think it would be good to show [Netball South] that these junior umpires are starting out and how it can affect their judgement when they’re learning.”

Souter is compiling some of the research during her work placement at Netball South and says SIT has given her ample opportunities coaching and umpiring in the community.

“It was easy for them to help me get out and do things in the community. At school you don’t really get that chance but SIT helped me get in contact with more places,” she says.

“[SIT] has given me lots more opportunities that I’ve never had before, just being able to do more things.”