Levi Goodall
Publish Date: Monday, 4 May 2020
Levi Goodall

Bachelor of Sport and Exercise

Levi Goodall came to the Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) after completing a year at Otago University.

He didn’t enjoy his time at university and decided to pursue different study options.

“I researched SIT’s sport and exercise programme and found out a little bit about it from some of the tutors.

“I found out that it is very hands-on, falls within the Zero Fees scheme and has small class sizes. That made it a very easy decision to choose SIT."

Levi enjoyed sport from a young age and participated in a wide range of sports including football, softball, cross country running and track cycling.

Now he is a sponsored freestyle mountain bike rider who competes internationally.

Support from SIT tutors meant Levi was able to balance his riding commitments with the study requirements.

He particularly enjoyed the hands-on components like leading an outdoor adventure-based learning activity session, running class teaching sessions and industry placement hours.

“I quickly found that I was enjoying myself and learning a lot,” he says.

As part of his degree he completed an internship with Sport Southland.

“I assisted with the running of events such as 'Surf to City' and the 'Wai Tri', helped with keeping their databases up to date, assisted in running exercise classes for elderly and various other jobs around Sport Southland.

“My favourite experience so far was working alongside the Foundation for Youth Development running school sports holiday programmes.”

In the future, Levi would like to be working at management level within a sporting organisation which specialises in work with children or youth.

Check out his Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr_IJXqykoKJP1CXL2betSQ