Steven Guy
Publish Date: Monday, 4 May 2020
Steven Guy

National Diploma in Project Management

An internal 360° review at his previous workplace granted Steven Guy the opportunity to develop his knowledge of project management and further his commercial expertise.

Steven undertook the National Diploma in Project Management (Level 5), a blended delivery programme with both online study and onsite workshop components, at the Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) Christchurch campus.

He chose to study with SIT as the course dates enabled him to conduct the coursework in his own time, whilst also fitting around his daily workload.

“I started with the Level 5 Project Management course which met my expectations of the course perfectly,” Steven says.

“The level of detail was pitched at the perfect level, and I was able to use the information learnt on a daily basis in order to both further my understanding and develop our Contract Management Plans.”

Steven has recently moved to a new position for Sicon Limited as the Senior Contracts Manager for the Waimakariri District Council, where he manages the Waimakariri District Council maintenance contract.

“I am responsible for the delivery of all cyclic and routine maintenance activities in the district,” he says.

“I ensure that Sicon meets the expectations of not just the Council in terms of scope, cost, time and quality, but also NZTA and the community in which my departments work.”

At present, Steven is assisting in developing tender strategies, putting to use the information he has further developed from the level 6 course, whilst also completing an additional marketing module.

Next year he plans to complete the level 7 (Bachelor) course.

“Had I not received the level of tuition from SIT, I would not be as successful as I have been to date.”