Carlo Gabriel
Publish Date: Thursday, 30 April 2020
Carlo Gabriel

Engineering tutor

Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) Engineering tutor, Carlo Gabriel came to New Zealand from the Philippines, working as a Mechanical Engineer, before moving to Invercargill in 2014.

He completed a five-year Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Masters Equivalent) at Saint Louis University and has just completed his New Zealand Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Teaching through SIT2LRN.

Carlo worked as a tutor/instructor at a university in the Philippines, and then as a Plant and Machine Operator in the engineering industry in New Zealand, before coming to SIT.

He was keen to pursue a career in teaching and he believes his experience helps him to show learners the connection between theory and practice.

“This makes it easier for them to see the relevance of the information we discuss in class to real life that resulted in a more meaningful and context-based learning,” Carlo says.

He teaches the Graduate Diploma in Engineering Technology, Bachelor of Engineering Technology, New Zealand Diploma in Engineering Technology and facilitates the New Zealand Certificate in Project Management through SIT2LRN.

Carlo enjoys helping his students to fully develop themselves and their mathematically competencies.

“In particular, I am committed to constantly engaging in cutting-edge and forward-looking research in engineering education.

“Since I started working at SIT in 2017, I have presented to various research symposiums and conferences.”

He was recently appointed as a Panel Review Member of the Australasian Association of Engineering Education Conference 2019 and has received the ‘Best Research Presenter’ award in a recently concluded SIT-OP Symposium in Dunedin.

“I am also an official member of Engineering New Zealand, Mechanical Engineering Group NZ and Australasian Association of Engineering Education,” says Carlo.

He plans to take up a Ph. D. in Engineering Education in the near future.

“As a practicing Mechanical Engineer by profession, I never rest on my achievements as an engineer.

“In my heart, I desire to shape the minds and skills of future engineers, and this is a way to reach out to future engineers so that I can transmit the knowledge and skills I have by teaching team.”

Carlo wants his students to remember him as a tutor who did not only teach them the concepts and theories, but also made them work ready through the technical, professional and personal skills he shares with them.