Study Construction at SIT

Construction students at SITSIT's Construction courses and trades programmes are second to none. With a focus on ensuring our graduates are equipped with skills the industry is looking for, our courses combine classroom learning with practical work and employer-based work experience.

Construction programmes at our Queenstown and Christchurch campuses are similarly well-equipped, and construction pre-trade classes build a three bedroom transportable house, which is great work experience leading into a building apprenticeship.

As well as Certificate programmes at NZQA Level 3 & 4, we offer a Construction and Infrastructure Construction Vocational Pathway, which supports young people in their transition from school to employment and offers a new way for those who may not meet entry requirements for other programmes to achieve NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3 which allows progress to further study, training and employment.

Boost your chances of getting an apprenticeship, with our construction course. Build yourself a smarter future!

Available Courses